May 11, 2005


I had a great time last Monday night as we invited some of the friends and their spouses for a get-together. Although apparently it meant to be a celebration of my birthday and the recent promotion but my intention was to have a gathering of my friends, who are alienated by cruel realties of the busy life. I have not seen these faces for months whereas 10 years ago we used to interact almost everyday. There was so much to gossip and be updated and socializing with the spouses.

S. took the pain by taking a leave an preparing some lovely dishes. Items included were Rogan Josh of Mutton, Butter Chicken, and Kasmiri Pulau. She has downloaded the recipes from internet and could really impress her in laws and the guests as well with the delicacies. I must say that is a commendable achievement when somebody rarely cooks.

My contribution was to help her buy the ingredients, take a leave and baby-sitting while she was preparing the food and arranging the dishes. All for that I got a cake from my seven and a half month old daughter(courtesy: her mom) which I cut with a red-face.

And my daughter got most of the presents as many thought that I am too old to get gifts. And that made me even happier.


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