April 13, 2006


The Kansat situation is going out of control. The police has committed another brutality to the villagers killing six people and injuring many in the name of keeping law and order. The government should ponder deeply that they cannot deprive people long from the basic necessities like power and fuel and discriminate the rural people. Are these lives not precise? People need to wake up. Jago bahe....Konthe shobaye......
Wake up boys, there's a light at the window,
I can hear someone knocking on the door,
There are voices in the street,
And the sound of running feet,
And they whisper the word - "Revolution!"

There are men coming down from the valleys,
There are tall ships lying off the coast,
And they carry the light,
In the dark of the night,
Like a whisper in the wind - "Revolution!

- Chris De Burgh


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