April 12, 2006


The Bangladesh-Australia 1st test is going towards a result in the end of the 4th day (or it may drag to the next morning). The wonderful performance of Bangladesh in the last two-and-a-half days have given them a considerable lead only to push it further to something really unreachable by Australia, the world champions. But Bangladesh could not keep the momentum in the 2nd innings and reeled to 148 (4 wickets fell adding one run), almost 300 runs short of their 1st innings score. Now Australia has a relatively easy target of 307 runs to win and as I write they have crossed one-third losing only one wicket. So the dream is ending for many Bangladeshis if not a miracle happens.

When I moved to Germany last month I knew that I was going to miss live telecasts of many cricket matches for some time. Now I am thinking that it has been a blessing. Because its hard to watch your favorite team fall from a higher position. Millions will still keep trying to break the jinx in many ways, but I am not superstitious. And let us face the reality that this is what should have happened. But one thing Bangladesh has done with their performance is to silence many loose mouths who do not want to treat Bangladesh with respect.

Update: At the close of day four the game is beautifully poised at 212/4 wickets with just 95 more runs needed for Australia to win. If Bangladesh can make it a close game tomorrow morning, whoever wins, I am sure that it would be a match to remember for many years to come. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

Update II: The game eventually got down to the wire. From a vulnerable position (6/231) Australia recovered and reached to 307 with 3 wickets in hand because of Ponting's unbeaten 118. Did Bangladesh spoil a chance? If Ponting was not dropped at 99 anything could have happened. Well played both the teams; it was a thrilling game. Will you now give Bangladesh the credit they deserve? Have a good day.


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