April 13, 2003

The war in Iraq by the numbers:

- source AP

Casualties: Among U.S. troops, 114 dead, five missing and seven captured, according to the Pentagon. Among British troops, 31 dead.

Deployed: More than 300,000 allied troops are in the region, with about 255,000 from the United States, 45,000 British troops, 2,000 Australia troops, 400 Czech and Slovak troops and 200 Polish troops. Nearly 100,000 more U.S. forces on the way.

Timeline: Sunday, April 13, 2003 is the 25th day of the war, which began on March 20 in Iraq.

Leaflets: Coalition forces have dropped more than 43 million leaflets.

Fired: Coalition ships have fired more than 800 Tomahawk missiles at Iraq during the war. Vice Admiral Timothy Keating said fewer than 10 "didn't get to the target."

Aid: A shipment coordinated by the United Arab Emirates government and the Red Crescent to the port of Umm Qasr carried 772 tons of food, water and medical kits. Two British ships, the RFA Sir Galahad and the RFA Sir Percivale, have delivered a total of 1,100 tons of food, medicine and water to Umm Qasr. The U.S. has sent two ships with more than 50,000 tons of wheat, while Australia is shipping 100,000 tons of wheat.


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