Image by Rezwan

Overcrowded passenger ferry capsized in the Padma River in Munshiganj, Bangladesh

The World Cup Goal-E Project

This street in Bangladesh has a colorful world cup celebration

New Chum Hill Ruins

Remnants of Kiandra gold mine at New Chum Hill, #nsw #australia

May 31, 2003

Blogging with Moveable Type

A crash course on professional blogging. Follow the link those who are interested.

Blogging ethics:

There is also a blogging ethics page! Well seeing is believing.

Here are some excerpts:

1. Publish as fact only that which you believe to be true.
2. If material exists online, link to it when you reference it.
3. Publicly correct any misinformation.
4. Write each entry as if it could not be changed; add to, but do not rewrite or delete, any entry.
5. Disclose any conflict of interest.
6. Note questionable and biased sources.

More Links

How to write a better blog
30 days to a more accessible weblog

May 29, 2003


Statistics confirm that I got a visitor through United States Army Server. Should I be afraid, honoured, cautious or brag about it? I am not at all bothered about it because this is the power of blog. You are free to say or do anything you want in your little world(blog) and without fear. What kind of person are you and what will be the interaction between you and others would certainly be based on your charecteristics shown in the blog. Its like living your life in a virtual society with weblogs at front (Sounds like Matrix formula.. eh??).

7. 29 May 04:56 (GMT +600) United States Army, United States

May 28, 2003

Collection of ultra-condensed books

Ever wondered how an non-executive summary of some great classics would be? Browse through the Book-a-minute classics. I did a ROFL reading some books.

May 26, 2003

Guess what you can also find out what are the hit blogs at present. They are tracking.

Follow the link

May 25, 2003

"Like a true nature's child
We were born, born to be wild
We can climb so high
I never wanna die.
Born to Be Wild
Born to Be Wild..."

I like this song. I don't remember when I first heard the song. Perhaps in the TV series "The wonder years".

After all these years I finally learnt that it was sung by Steppenwolf and is also included in the soundtrack of the movie "The easy rider". Looking forward to watching it. Thanks Dave for the information.

May 21, 2003

This is about me?? Thanks Laura
<i>You're the Pink Panther</i>!
You're the Pink Panther. Suave and sophisticated,
you enjoy your superiority and your natural
grace. Though to some, this attitude makes you
appear arrogant, most people are attracted by
it rather than turned off. You especially enjoy
being in the social spotlight. It just doesn't
get any better than this.

Which famous feline are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
Hey can you believe! There is even an international conference on blog! Click here for details..

BlogTalk - A European Conference On Weblogs: Web-based publishing, communication and collaboration tools for professional and private use.

There is one article by Mr. Hossein Derakhshan (the Iranian blogger) called "Weblogs, an Iranian perspective"

May 20, 2003

You know you're living in 2003 when...

1. You accidentally enter your password on the microwave.
2. You haven't played solitaire with real cards in years.
3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of three.
4. You e-mail your mate who works at the desk next to you.
5. Your reason for not staying in touch with friends is that they do not have e-mail addresses.
6. When you go home after a long day at work you still answer the phone in a business manner.
7. When you make phone calls from home, you accidentally dial "9" to get an outside line.
8. You've sat at the same desk for four years and worked for three different companies.
10. Your CV is on a disk in your pocket.
11. You learn about your redundancy on the 11 o'clock news.
12. Your biggest loss from a system crash was when you lost all of your best jokes.
13. Your boss doesn't have the ability to do your job.
14. Contractors outnumber permanent staff and are more likely to get long-service awards.
15. Board members salaries are higher than all the Third World countries' annual budgets combined.
16. Interviewees, despite not having the relevant knowledge or experience, terminate the interview when told of the starting salary.
17. Free food left over from meetings is your staple diet.
18. Your boss gets a brand-new state-of-the-art laptop with all the latest features, but you have time to go for lunch while yours boots up.
19. Being sick is defined as you can't walk or you're in hospital.
20. There's no money in the budget for the five permanent staff your department desperately needs, but they can afford four full-time
anagement consultants advising your boss's boss on strategy.
21. Your relatives and family describe your job as "works with computers".

22. You read this entire list, and kept nodding and smiling.
23. As you read this list, you think about forwarding it to your "friends"
24. You got this email from a friend that never talks to you any more, except to send you jokes from the net.
25. You are too busy to notice there was no number 9.
26. You actually scrolled back up to check that there wasn't a number 9.

May 17, 2003

A real friend
is one who walks in
when the rest
of the world walks out.

Don't walk in front of me,
I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me,
I may not lead.
Walk beside me and
be my friend.
-- Albert Camus

May 12, 2003

Mona Lisa

Ever wondered how Mona Lisa would have looked in different moods? Click on this.

-courtesy Jeff Jarvis

May 08, 2003

Good News!... Salam Pax is back with loads of blog with a little help from Diana Moon (brought to you in association with Thuraya phones :).

We hope that he gets well from his massive internet withdrawal symptoms. He is OK otherwise.

Just a glimpse....

"Let me tell you one thing first. War sucks big time. Don�t let yourself ever be talked into having one waged in the name of your freedom. Somehow when the bombs start dropping or you hear the sound of machine guns at the end of your street you don�t think about your �imminent liberation� anymore."

But he has high hopes for a new Iraq:

"so, dear Mr. Taxi driver would you like to have your saddam back? Aren�t we just really glad that we can now at least have hope for a new Iraq? Or are we Iraqis just a bunch of impatient fools who do nothing better than grumble and whine? Patience, you have waited for 35 years for days like these so get to working instead of whining."

Salam, the world missed you.

"If the price really is affordable I might be able to update the blog every week or two". . let us hope that it is affordable for Salam.

May 04, 2003

Weblogging: Another Kind of Website

A place to write (and draw), nothing fancy.

Click here to read more.
GeoURL ICBM Address Server

This thing is really cool! You can track a website by latitude & longitude and maybe arrest the owner! The tool the Iranian Govt. is looking for to track down the numerous dissidents who acts through website!

Also check The world as a blog

May 03, 2003

The power of blog and its threats
Courtesy-BBC (Read more by clicking on this link)

* Blogs are everywhere and governments are beginning to sit up and take notice
* Linking to other sites, tracking links made to one's own entries and posting comments or opinions creates a seamless and rich web of information, accessible to all - or at least, to everyone with a net connection
* Even though the number of bloggers is relatively small compared to the overall net population, with perhaps a million active blogs, this is going to grow, especially if AOL delivers on its promise to offer a free blogging service to its 35 million users.
* Casualties of Blogging:
- Sina Motallebi (Iran)
- Lui Di (China)
* Advantage of blogging:
"Blogging is important in Iran because it provides a way for people to write freely about a wide range of topics, and to do so relatively anonymously." -Bill Thompson

May 01, 2003

Lawrence's theory on our identity

every person on earth should have his or her own identity on the Internet..more than just having e-mail addresses. We deserve to have our very own space on the Web...we need to belong. in the infinite universe, we are all in there somewhere

Cross-cultural confusion:
signs translated for tourists

- Courtesy Jessie

in an greek tailor shop:
because of a big rush, we will execute costomers in strict rotation

an italian laundry:
Ladies, leave your clothes here and spend the afternoon having a good time.

a danish airline:
we take your bags and send them in all directions

a moscow hotel room:
if this is your first visit to the USSR, you are welcome to it.

a detour sign in japan:
stop: drive sideways.

My comments: in case of translation error... tuorists please ignore and continue at your own discretion...