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Overcrowded passenger ferry capsized in the Padma River in Munshiganj, Bangladesh

The World Cup Goal-E Project

This street in Bangladesh has a colorful world cup celebration

New Chum Hill Ruins

Remnants of Kiandra gold mine at New Chum Hill, #nsw #australia

March 31, 2007

Australia vs Bangladesh: Live Blogging

Wet outfield delayed the start of the match. According to Andrew Miller of Cricinfo:
"There are some very soggy-looking puddles in the outfield at the moment. A bit overcast but blue skies are threatening to come through."
We have another rain affected match. The match will be interesting as Australia is planning to take revenge of their upset defeat to Bangladesh two years ago at Cardiff.

Update: This does not look good. Another pitch inspection scheduled at GMT 16:00. I don't know whether there will be any play today. If there is any it won't be more than 20 overs game. So thanks to the rain Bangladesh has brought the tradition of playing 20-20s in the World Cup. Remember their previous match against Bermuda was reduced to 21 overs each team.

Good News! We have a game. It starts at 18:30 GMT and it will be a 22 overs game. Ricky Ponting has won the toss and decided to bowl first to use the wet conditions. Habibul Bashar feels that 180 will be a good score on this pitch. Lets see what Tamim and Ashraful can do today. Its hitting time baby!

10 Overs: Bangladesh pushed the panic button early and lost 4 of their stroke makers. 41/4 is not what they would have liked. The good old McGrath got three of them with intelligent bowling. They could have seen out McGrath first then started hitting. I reckon the score will be 120 if Bangladesh can play 22 overs - not enough to stop Australia from winning.

22 Overs: Bangladesh could get only 104/6 and Australia bowled extremely well. With the big guns out only Mashrafe Mortaza could show some solid hitting scoring 25 of 17 balls.

Now the thing is that how many overs will Australia need to get this much run. Can Bangladesh get some early wickets and put Australia in some bit of trouble? I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Australia finished the game in style in 13.5 overs without losing any wickets. Hayden and Gilchrist scored more then one run per ball and the Bangladeshi bowlers did not have any effect on them. But the wicket keeper Mushfiq missed a catch off Gilchrist - you should not do it at this level.

However this result was expected and Bangladesh can concentrate on its next game.

Hizbut Tahrir: The next threat?

The complete blackout of information of the death-sentence of the six top JMB terrorists raised some eyebrows. The media could know only when the sentence was carried out. Recently there was another news that a JMB activist was apprehended and he confessed that about 5000 men are trying to reorganize and start their activities. Was the government fearing a backlash? Most likely so as we have a countrywide security alert now in place to deter reprisal attacks from militant outfits.

And some more worrying sign as well. Today police arrested 22 members of the cultural wing of Hizbut Tahrir Bangladesh while engaging in political activities. From the TV News footage one can see that these youths are like the average kids you see in the streets, no sign of Islamic appearance in them. The police recovered a huge quantity of party leaflets, posters, compact disks (CDs) and party books. Some of the posters read: "Awami League and BNP alliances' sycophancy to the United States and India is responsible for the present situation of the country. A police official commented that a few ideologies of Hizbut-Tahrir matches with some of the ideologies of JMB.

Hizbut Tahrir, a global student organization which is very active among UK (including Bangladeshi community there) established their base in Bangladesh a few years ago. They could so far infiltrate in many high profile public and private Universities of the country and could motivate many talented students (source). Just look at their website, it is more updated and interactive than the websites of the main political parties of Bangladesh. Here is an analysis of the website.

"Describing the last 16 years of government in Bangladesh as ”a failure of the so-called democratic system run according to the dictates of foreign imperialists”. Hizb ut Tahrir Bangladesh has recently published its “Islamic Manifesto” for the country demanding a Khilafah (caliphate), widespread implementation of Shariah law and – perhaps most worrying for the impoverished Bangladeshi economy - for such measures as no foreign ownership of any of the country’s resources. According to its chief in Bangladesh, Mohiuddin Ahmed, the goal is to establish Bangladesh as an Islamic state through “systematic movement”." (source)

Hizbut Tahrir had earlier started a protest against Dr. Muhammad Yunus with Chatra Mukti, a party linked with them and four of its members got arrested. In April 2005 Hizbut Tahrir Bangladesh called for:

"all ulema and Islami groups to work together to resist this propaganda by exposing the true cause of all terrorism in the country which is the secular Awami-BNP politics patronized by the US, India and EU."

Hizb ut Tahrir has developed a considerable support base in Bangladesh and in the Bangladeshi community in the UK,

Its pretty sure that there are some players who are trying to take advantage of the situation that people resent the major political parties because of corruption and confrontational politics. And as the emergency in place they are trying to gather force secretly.

Hizbut Tahrir is banned in many Arab and Central Asian countries and also in Germany. The arrest of the Hizbut Tahrir members is a good sign that the government is noticing. Its high time the Bangladesh government should investigate their activities and take necessary actions including banning them otherwise they will try to negate all the good work this Caretaker Government has done.

Related post: Sunny argues in the context of UK "why taking on Hizbut Tahrir is vital".

March 30, 2007

England vs. Ireland : Even battle

The Super Eight match played at Providence Stadium, Guyana is wonderfully poised. Ireland has a good bowling attack and so far they have restricted England to 181/4 in 42 Overs. Looks like England won't be able to reach beyond 250. England recovered well from 23/2 in 5.2 overs. Collingwood and Flintoff are going well with a 68 run partnership.

I am watching the match via sopcast. If anyone is looking for live free video links for todays match:

* Please download sopcast from here.

* Then find WC live video cricket broadcasts from the channels list and click on any one of them (I am watching the feed from www.baangladesh.com). Wait a few moments and you can watch clear free live video of today's match in full screen mode.

Another link.

You can also listen to the live BBC Radio commentary. And the Cricinfo ball-by-ball commentary of the match is very useful.

An excellent knock from Paul Collingwood (90 runst in 82 balls- 3 sixes, 8 fours) and 94 runs in last 10 overs could take England to 266/7 in 50 Overs. Looks like a gigantic task for Ireland. But I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Ireland did not disappoint although it lost by 48 runs. I mean 218 against England is a good effort especially when we have seen teams like West Indies reeling below 200 in this world cup. Had Ireland not lost Bray for not they could have reached the target. From the Cricinfo commentary:
A fairly comfortable win for England, but they were made to work hard by a determined Irish side. England's bowlers lost their way in the middle of the innings, and had it not been for Paul Collingwood's late onslaught then it would have been a much tighter match - at 40 overs the two teams' scores were almost neck-to-neck, but England, crucially had wickets in hand and heaps more experience. A good contest and Ireland showed doubters that they are worth their place in the Super Eights.
But it hurts when you see captions like this "England facing minnow Ireland"-(CNN) or Below-par England see off Irish. I mean nobody is eager to mention Ireland's good work. It will always be someone's inability for a minnow to do well.

Tomorrow Bangladesh will play Australia. Many people expect a professional thrash-out by Australia. I would expect Bangladesh to show some fighting before going down.

Picture of the day

Oberbaumbrücke (Bridge) over the river Spree
- view from the East side gallery.

The Mohiuddin deportation case

AKM Mohiuddin Ahmed was a Major in Bangladesh Army and was involved in a coup in 1975 that killed the Father of nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman along with 26 others, including his wife, three sons, two daughters-in-law, brother, close relatives, political associates and security men. After the coup he left for Libya as many coup participants were sent. He was also rewarded by Maj. General Ziaur Rahman being included in the foreign service and he worked as diplomat in different countries. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's killers were granted immunity through an ordinance.

When the daughter of Sheikh Mujib Sheikh Hasina became prime minister in 1996, the Indemnity Ordinance was repealed and the trial of killing had started. In 1998, a trial court ordered death sentence to Mohiuddin and 14 other army persons involved for the killings. The government could bring only four of them behind the bar. Mohiuddin is a fugitive since then.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers arrested Mohiuddin Ahmed in March 13, 2007. According to ICE News release:
Ahmed, who first entered the United States in 1996 on a visitor's visa, had appealed a deportation order handed down by an immigration judge in 2002. Late last month, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco denied Ahmed's petition to review the case, allowing the earlier removal order to stand.
The caretaker government appears to be serious in getting Mohiuddin deported back to Bangladesh instead of another country.

However this was never going to be so smooth. Mohiuddin gave a press statement denying the fact that he was in Sheikh Mujib's house and claimed that he was only carrying his superior's orders. His son Ruben Ahmed also lobbied with US congressmen claiming:
Bangladesh is plagued by torture and political murders. Sheikh Hasina and her political party want revenge, without regard for the truth. My father is not a terrorist and is guilty of nothing except trusting in a system blinded by politics. (via Drishtipat)
Ruben has engaged in an interesting debate in Topix.net.

Now Mohiuddin was scheduled for deportation by a flight to Dhaka on March 28, 2007. But Drishtipat reports that his trip was canceled and held up for 7 days in the last minute.
Apparently the story was initially picked up southern California Public Radio, Mohiuddin Ahmed was interviewed from detention and several follow up stories were broadcast in different public radio systems. The message that went out was that Mohiuddin would be immediately executed once he returns to Dhaka. As a result, this case turned quite high profile, California Senators Feinstein and Boxer, Governor Schwarzenegger, Michael Chertoff, the secretary of Homeland security and possibly US president got involved.
Blogger News Network reports:
Mr.Ahmed’s family is now reportedly looking for a third country that would give him poltical asylum. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California, according to Southern California Public Radio , was instrumental in securing the last minute stay of deportation of Mr.Ahmed.
Shafiur has an interesting observation on Congressman Dana.

Salam Dhaka reports:
Mohiuddin has run out of "appeals" in the court, so they had to file a "motion to reconsider". This is procedural and just a delay tactic. They raised the issue that he was not tried fairly. Department of Homeland Security will check with the State Department to make sure the trial was conducted fairly in Bangladesh. The Americans had monitored this trial from start to end and had considered this to be a fair trial. Immigration can look into it but cannot stop the deportation of someone just because a congressman made a request.
Dr. Anand Kumar writes in SAAG that:
Deportation and due punishment of Mohiuddin Ahmed might check the politics of killings in Bangladesh. It might also weaken the opponents of ‘Liberation War’ inside Bangladesh. Finally, it will also be a blow to insurgency in northeast as Mohiuddin Ahmed has been interacting with various rebel groups active there.
It remains to be seen where Mohiuddin lands but one thing is sure he will have to leave USA.

Update: Mash has a cracking post: "A terrorist hides in the United States"

Related readings from TIME magazine and Washington Post: (Thanks Asif and Mash)

* Mujib: Death of the Founder

* Coups and Chaos

* After the massacre

* The Night of Vengeance in Bangladesh

* Four Former Aides of Mujib Slain

* New York Times archives on Mujib

Breaking news: JMB terrorists hanged

It has been reported by a journalist of Channel S, based in London that Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) chief Abdur Rahman was hanged in Comilla, Bangladesh a few hours ago (Bangladesh time 2 AM). This news was later broadcasted in Channel S quoting sources.

Update: BBC reports that 6 terrorists were hanged including Abdur Rahman who were convicted to death sentence for widespread terrorist activities including bombing and killings of judges. Drishtipat Blog pointed earlier why there is a rush to execute the sentence when the BNP MPs alleged as patronizing them are yet to be questioned on this case.

The immigration Service Code (IS Code) is not mandatory

Earlier Drishtipat had learnt from an email that there is a new requirement of IS Code for passengers entering Bangladesh. It goes as follows:

The Immigration Service of the Govt. of Bangladesh has imposed the Immigration Service Code (IS code) for all passengers including transit/transfer passengers with immediate effect as a mandatory requirement.

Both arriving and departing passengers need to possess the Immigration Service Code (IS Code) before they report at the Immigration counter at Zia International airport. Failure to comply with the same may result in offloading of passenger(s).

Passengers or representatives are required to log on to www.immigrationbd.com and fill up the online embarkation/ disembarkation card (ED card) to get the IS Code. After getting the IS code it has to be inserted in passenger PNR under OSI field.

There was confusion all around as neither any government circular was published nor anything on this was published in the media.

Somebody from the immigration police left a comment in that Drishtipat post:

This is SS Immigration from Immigration Police Bangladesh. Just to clarify your dounbts, IS Code is an optional feature - NOT at all mandatory. There is no bar to continue your travel to Bangladesh, they way it was going on. Please visit www.immi.gov.bd to know detail about IS Code.

That explains that it was a hoax.

March 27, 2007

YouTube video of the day

Song of Bangladesh - by Joan Baez (Background)

Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Bangladesh, Bangladesh
When the sun sinks in the west
Die a million people of the Bangladesh

The story of Bangladesh
Is an ancient one again made fresh
By blind men who carry out commmands
Which flow out of the laws upon which nation stands
Which is to sacrifice a people for a land

Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Bangladesh, Bangladesh
When the sun sinks in the west
Die a million people of the Bangladesh

Once again we stand aside
And watch the families crucified
See a teenage mother's vacant eyes
As she watches her feeble baby try
To fight the monsoon rains and the cholera flies

And the students at the university
Asleep at night quite peacefully
The soldiers came and shot them in their beds
And terror took the dorm awakening shrieks of dread
And silent frozen forms and pillows drenched in red

Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Bangladesh, Bangladesh
When the sun sinks in the west
Die a million people of the Bangladesh

Did you read about the army officer's plea
For donor's blood? It was given willingly
By boys who took the needles in their veins
And from their bodies every drop of blood was drained
No time to comprehend and there was little pain

And so the story of Bangladesh
Is an ancient one again made fresh
By all who carry out commands
Which flow out of the laws upon which nations stand
Which say to sacrifice a people for a land

Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Bangladesh, Bangladesh
When the sun sinks in the west
Die a million people of the Bangladesh

March 26, 2007

Bangladesh turns 36

Today Bangladesh is celebrating the Independence day. How can we forget the black night of March 25, 1971? The history of the independence of Bangladesh is a bloody one. On this day we remember all those who have given their lives for an independent Bangladesh. Watch this superb commercial from a leading mobile phone company.

Bangladesh's chances in the Super Eight

After achieving the the super eight passage one may wonder what are the chances for Bangladesh. The team will be playing six matches (Thanks Michael). Those are:

Saturday 31st March: Australia vs. Bangladesh
Monday 2nd April: New Zealand vs. Bangladesh
Saturday 7th April: South Africa vs. Bangladesh
Wednesday 11th April: England vs. Bangladesh
Sunday 15th April: Ireland vs. Bangladesh
Thursday 19th April: West Indies vs. Bangladesh

So five tough games and one relatively easy one against Ireland. So Bangladesh can hope to win at least one and even two matches if they can fancy their chances with England, New Zealand or West Indies. That won't give them a semi-final birth though.

Nevertheless it is a terrific World Cup Mission for Bangladesh and thanks to Dav Whatmore, the coach for getting the team to believe in themselves.

March 25, 2007

Picture of the day

A quiet afternoon in Brandenburg on Havel.

Bangladesh vs Bermuda: Live blogging

Bangladesh is taking on Bermuda in their last group match. While comparing the teams strength and experiences Bangladesh should win this game and go to the super eight stage but they have another strong opponent to battle alongside Bermuda, the pressure of doing things right. Moreover millions of Indian fans will be praying that Bermuda causes an upset win, which will enable India to go to the next phase.

If anyone is looking for live free video links for todays match:

* Please download sopcast from here.

* Then look for live WC video feeds in the channels list of the sopcast player. Wait for sometime as the player buffers the feed and voila! You have live cricket feed.

The pre-match conditions according to Cricinfo:

It was drizzling in the field. Bangladesh have won the toss and elected to field first. A good toss to win? Only time will tell. First lets hope the rain subsides and the play starts.

The match has been delayed by rain and the rain has picked up. Seems like the weather is also playing its part to make the game more critical.

No sign of the game to commence after an hour of the scheduled start (13:30 GMT) as the pitch covers are still on. The rain did stop for a while. However, it has started drizzling again.

We have bad news from Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain, Trinidad. The play was scheduled to start from 11:50 local time. But rain has started again. Cricinfo tells the players will be taking an early lunch.

Good news at last. The play has started at 11:50 local time. It will be a 41 over match for each side. Bangladesh has an unchanged team. Bermudan openers are on the pitch. Mashrafee is opening the bowling attack for Bangladesh.

1 Over: Mashrafee strikes early. Outerbridge is out trying to pull him. Bermuda is 2/1. (Picture courtesy Cricinfo)

3 Overs: Rain stops play again. The covers are back on. Bermuda is 6/1.

The match has started again but it is reduced to 35 overs. (Photo courtesy AP)

6 Overs: Bangladesh pegs back Bermuda with 12/3. Mashrafee got two wickets. And Syed Rasel has forced Bermuda's most experienced batsman Hemp to play a shot which was taken brilliantly by Aftab at backward point.

Play is suspended again in the middle of the eighth over due to rain. Bermuda is 17/3. This is frustrating for everybody.

Play have resumed again local time 14:00 match reduced to 30 overs. Another 7 overs played in half an hour and Bermuda is now 45/4 in 15.1 overs. But light drizzle again stopped play. 20 overs play needs to be completed to make this match count. Bangladeshis are praying that they are not deprived of the success of their good performance.

I was away but came back to see that the match got underway at last although reduced to 21 overs each team. Bermuda pushed the accelerator but they could get only 94/9 in 21 overs. That's about 50 runs in 6 overs, not bad in the closing phase of the game.

Cricinfo comments:

So this has turned into a virtual 20-20 hitout. The final target will be revised and we will keep you posted on that. Late hitting by Lionel Cann (16 in 6 balls) and Dean Minors (23 in 25 balls) has boosted Bermuda's target.

Well the rain has only made the equation more interesting. Both teams are in with a fair chance, as Bangladesh may be required to score quickly. They have the power hitters to take them home but will have to approach it carefully, given the overcast conditions. Should be an absorbing, yet short chase. Stay tuned.

Bangladesh has started to bat not convincingly. Tamim got out trying to hit the second opening bowler for a sixer and fell to Hurdle, who took a magnificent catch, called the catch of the tournament. Bangladesh 8/1 in two overs and Bermuda bowled 7 extra balls in the first two overs.

10.4 overs: Bangladesh 54/3. Mukuddem got 3 Bangladeshi batsmen. Bermuda is fighting here. Bangladeshi batsmen got support from the other Bermudan bowlers who bowled impressive but given away 14 wides and no-balls and had to bowl that number of balls extra. It seems the match can go down to the wire. If you are a Bangladeshi supporter keep praying. And if you are an Indian supporter keep your fingers crossed.

Its all over. Magnificent victory for Bangladesh. Well done Ashraful and Sakib for the 59 run 4th wicket partnership that saw Bangladesh through. They scored 96/3 in 17.3 overs.

Bangladesh is celebrating today. And what an occasion to celebrate! Today (26th of March) is the national day of Bangladesh. Sorry Indian fans. Better luck next World Cup. Its party time!

Quote of the day

"So the next time India disappoints you in a cricket match, don’t whine, because the power to make a difference is in your hands. It’s the remote control."

- Amit Verma of The Indian Uncut Blog comments on the influence of commerce in Cricket in India

March 23, 2007

German judge rules Koran allows wife abuse

This above is a bizarre news headline but its rocking in Germany.

A German woman judge has refused a Moroccan-born woman permission to file for divorce by interpreting the Koran as allowing husbands to beat their wives. (Yahoo news)

No wonder the Germans are outraged by this. But should not the Muslims also be outraged by this? Because there is not such a thing in Koran. And in an Hadith Prophet Muhammad suggests should you need to beat your wife, use meswak (toothpick). Guess fundamentalists and women judges do not understand the irony of it.

It seems Germany is giving Islam too much importance and Germans are not sure how to tackle these issues.

World Cup Cricket - India vs Sri Lanka group B match: Live blogging

Its a big match, crucial for India as they need to win it to have an almost certain chance to go to super eight.

I am watching the match via sopcast. If anyone is looking for live free video links for todays match:

* Please download sopcast from here.

* Then find WC live video cricket broadcasts from the channels list and click on any one of them. Wait a few moments and you can watch clear free live video of today's match in full screen mode.

Another link.

You can also listen to the live BBC Radio commentary. And the Cricinfo ball-by-ball commentary of the match is very useful.

India has started the game with accurate and penetrative bowling. They have contained the Sri Lankan side and Zahir Khan got rid of the danger man Sanath Jayasuriya. After 10 overs Sri Lanka is 44/1.

Today Bangladesh will be hoping that Sri Lanka will win to keep their hopes of the next round alive. Today every Bangladeshi is a Sri Lankan supporter.

23 Over: Without Jayasuria Sri Lanka (91/2) is sedated with about 4 runs per over. The game settled down but the pitch has good bounce and the outfield is slow. So anything above 250 will be a defendable score for Sri Lanka me thinks.

45 Overs: Sri Lanka steadied the boat (212/4) and got a good fifth wicket partnership Chamara Silva and TM Dilshan got a 83 run partnership. Looks like 260 is there for the taking. Silva seems to be a very good player with 3 consecutive fifties in this world cup. He is on 59. Lets see where he takes Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka could make 254/6 in 50 overs thanks to some quick runs by Arnold and Vaas.

The Indian response was sedated right from the start. They were up against a good bowling performance by Sri Lanka and wickets kept falling at the regular interval. India is in deep trouble. They are 116/6 in 29 overs. Vaas and Muralidharan have bowled beautifully and have taken a couple of wickets each. India will be losing by a big margin here?

Bird Flu strains emerges in Bangladesh in polutry: the authorities are coping well to contain

I had heard about this earlier this month from one of my friends who is engaged in a Bird Flu communication project. The earlier signs of an unknown disease surfaced in late February 2007 in Biman Poultry Complex at Savar. The President of the poultry Breeders’ Association of Bangladesh says:

From the clinical symptoms the government suspected that it could be bird flu, and accordingly 30,000 birds were destroyed by March 6, 2007. At 11 am yesterday, samples sent earlier to Thailand confirmed the presence of the H5N1. Within hours, as per OIE protocol, a perimeter with a 10-km radius with Biman Poultry at the centre was drawn up. There might be further culling as a precautionary measure; and a total restriction on poultry movement outside the perimeter has been imposed.

The early signs are that Bangladesh is managing things well. So far the reaction of the government has been swift and efficient. Also, FAO, WHO, etc are involved in managing this problem. Finally, the poultry associations have also called for total transparency and efficiency in implementing international protocols relating to an outbreak.

The news is out now. Drishtipat blog has some facts and suggestions for consumers.

We should be concerned, but not freak out. The H5N1 strain of bird flu had been detected in birds only, not humans in Bangladesh.
A global influenza pandemic (worldwide spread) may ONLY occur if three conditions are met:
• A new subtype of influenza A virus is introduced into the human population.
• The virus causes serious illness in humans.
• The virus can spread easily from person to person in a sustained manner.

Although the conditions haven’t occured yet, it is advisable to stay away from sick looking poultry unless confirmed that it has not been infected with any form of the flu virus.

The risk is to farmers but not consumers. Suggestions for consumers:

Just use common sense. Don’t buy sick looking chickens. Cook the meat in the usual way. Don’t eat raw eggs. And if you are one of those who fret that the probability of getting hit by lightning is unacceptably high, then don’t have eggs sunny side up.

Bangladesh had already banned imports of live birds from more than 50 countries including neighboring India and Myanmar after outbreaks were detected there.

March 22, 2007

Picture of the day

In Berlin: after a month of Spring weather in Winter we have snow on the first day of Spring. The world is full of surprises!

Today's Links

* Blogging where speech isn’t free.

* Few complaining about Bangladesh election breather.

* Behind the scene of a new trend in politics Sirajul Alam Khan.

* 5,000 militants active in Bangladesh, captive says.

* The fourth anniversary of the Iraq war.

* Dutch give nod to 'guru currency'.

March 21, 2007

Bangladesh vs. Sri Lanka match: Live blogging

I am listening to the BBC Radio commentary. Video is available via sopcast but speed is sluggish. And the Cricinfo ball-by-ball commentary of the match is very useful.

Bangladesh won the toss and put Sri Lanka to bat. Sri Lanka looking solid and taking on Bangladeshi bowlers. Sri Lanka 32/0 in 6 overs and Jaysuria has already launched an over boundary of Rasel's bowling.

Signs of inexperience by Bangladesh as per Cricinfo live commentary:

3.6 Syed Rasel to Jayasuriya, no run, madness! A good length ball moves in some from off stump, Jayasuriya defends to leg, Tharanga sets off at some pace and is sent back about half-way down the track and looks a goner, but Rasel, who picks the ball up and has all the time in the world to hit the nonstriker's stumps, fires in a throw that misses the stumps, wow that would have been out if he'd hit...where's the back-up fielder?

14.2 overs: Bangladesh finally breaks the opening partnership at 98 runs. Tharanga was caught by Aftab brilliantly of a not so good ball by Rafique. Rafique strikes in his first over, but cannot contain Jayasuria. Jayasuria is on 67 not out in 53 balls. ; Sri Lanka 108/1 in 16.

Bangladesh missed another run out chance. Wicket Keeper Mushfique missed a sitter.

19.4 Abdur Razzak to Jayawardene, no run, quicker one, turned to square leg, he sets off and gets sent back, the 'keeper Rahim moves quickly, collects it, Jayawardene is some seven miles down the track...all he had to do was run in and flick the bails off, but instead he has a shy at the stumps and misses...oh ho

Rain stopped play after 24 overs with 136/1 on board for Sri Lanka. Jayasuria is on 83 in 77 balls. Is the stop of play a blessing or trouble for Bangladesh? Only time will tell.

33 Overs: Sri Lanka 182/1 with Jayasuria back in the Pavilion retired hurt. A genuine nick of Jayawardane to wicket keeper was not given by the umpire. This is simply not the day for Bangladesh.

We have seen a couple of dropped catches although they were tough. A few run out chances should have been taken by Bangladesh. Will prove costly later. A few lapses in the field also. Surely this is not the team we saw last Saturday against India.

48 Overs: Sri Lanka is on a run feast here. Jayasuria just departed with 109 and Sri Lanka is 300/4. Bangladesh has a huge target to chase. No doubt the Sri Lankans have played well. They surely look a strong contender for the World Cup.

Sri Lanka ends with 318/4 in 50 overs. It will be a daunting task for Bangladesh. Actually Sri Lanka did their home work well they unsettled Bangladeshi bowlers and could pile on the runs.

Let see how Bangladesh replies.

If anyone is looking for live free video links for todays match:

* Please download sopcast from here.

* Then click anyone of the following links. Wait a few moments and there you go crisp clear free live video of today's match.

High resolution telecast
Low resolution telecast 1
Low resolution telecast 2

* If the above links do not work then look for live WC video feeds in the channels list of the sopcast player.

(Thanks Arup)

Bangladesh's bad phase continues. They lost their openers within 3 overs with 7 runs on board. Sri Lanka's opening bowlers are very accurate and penetrating. Hope Bangladesh reach 220 to prevent a bad run rate.

Use of Nuclear technology in Bangladesh

Earlier this blog was surprised by the news that the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed El Baradei had claimed Bangladesh (among 30 other countries) could have the technology to develop nuclear bomb "in a very short time".

Just for the record Bangladesh has only one 20 year old research reactor and a neutron generator for research purposes and a 42 year old Graff accelerator. (source) It does not even have any small scale nuclear power plant.

Now News Blaze has this amazing story. According to IAEA's website Bangladeshi Black Bengal Goats, who are often misunderstood and neglected, finally get IAEA´s attention. The FAO/IAEA-supported research, launched in 2004 to run over two phases, is analyzing more that 100 sheep and goat breeds by applying nuclear and molecular tools for DNA analysis. The aim of the research program is to contribute to scientific knowledge about animal health and reproduction underpinning Bangladesh's efforts to help goat herders and farmers adapt to the changing environment.

Now we are talking some sense. I am still wondering what made Baradei to include Bangladesh as a potential nuclear enriching country? Probably he misread 'Black Bengal Goat' as a bomb.

March 20, 2007

Cricket fever gripps South Asia and driving some supporters crazy

Soorya at Krrish blog writes an eye opener "When cricket is more than just a sport":
For a country where cricket is viewed as a business, not a sport, and the Indian cricketers as a brand, not a team, it could all end in a painful hangover when the brand does not deliver. Market analysts would have us believe that should India fail to reach the Super 8 stage of the World Cup, it would put Rs 3.5 billion worth of ad money and roughly Rs 13.25 billion in sponsorship money at risk.

While it is now well acknowledged that India is the epicentre of world cricket, boasting of the largest market and widest social base, this mass hysteria does seem out of place when one sport becomes to dominate so much of Indian life.
Photo credit AP via Krrish blogNot just the sheer commerce of it, just look at the picture how much pressure some of the supporters are putting on the cricketers driven by the hype of the commercial endeavors to establish the brand.

"The passionate fans are also assuming the right to invade the privacy of a players’ home just because the national team lost a cricket game" tells Mohan at i3j3 Cricket with a detailed analysis of the fan frenzy.

Another instance is from a Pakistani supporter. Unaiza Nasim is sarcastic in Chowrangi Blog about Pakistan's defeat to Ireland and getting out of the World Cup. She thinks that the Pakistan team should commit suicide following Bob Woolmer's death and not come back to Pakistan. He was the coach and the players should follow him.

I am simply stunned by these types of reactions. I hope cricket gets it status back as an exciting sports rather than passion of some fanatics.

Update: Don't forget to read Neha's roundup of the Cricket buzz in South Asia in Global Voices.

March 19, 2007

Picture of the day

The historical windmill besides the Sanssouci palace in Potsdam.

Its just another game: spare the minnow bashing

Bermudan bowlers were crushed today under the wrath of India, who posted 413/5 in 50 overs, the highest ever World Cup total. Its really not fare that Bermuda is suffering for the Bangladeshi success and Indian fans acknowledge that. The Googly has predicted earlier about a convincing wide margin win for India. Bermuda is 64/5 in 20 overs and turning the prediction true. However a good net run rate is something India will be thriving for to outmatch Bangladesh for the qualification for the super eight if the points are tied up.

The Ireland and Bangladesh win in world cup against established opponents questioned the validity of calling them minnows. However teams like Netherlands and Bermuda are losing the matches with an wide margin and the minnow bashing has returned again.

Here is what Bangladesh coach Dav Whatmore has to say:

Q. Do you get hurt when Bangladesh are still put in the bracket of minnows?

A. Not really because it might help us to win us some games as, well, people take us lightly.

Q. Few thoughts on Ireland's magical journey so far?

A. Fantastic. Ireland, Scotland, some of these teams they are not too bad. They need the opportunity to play in these competitions. You gonna get the odd mis-match like Netherlands when they played South Africa, Bermuda when Sri Lanka hammered them the other day. But it is worth it because there are one or two teams who can potentially come up and increase the amount of teams in world cricket.

(From an interview in Cricinfo)

The day after tomorrow Bangladesh will play Sri Lanka. I am not worried about run rates and the calculations. Bangladesh just need to play their natural best. No need to build on pressure and crumble on it. Its just another game for Bangladesh. No matter if they loose but I will be expecting some competition. Whatmore feels this way about the win against India and what Bangladesh did right:

It is just one match, we've got to keep going. We've done a lot of things wrong, lot and lot and lot of things wrong. We are now beginning to do a few things right, so let's give us more time.

Today's Cricket World Cup Video and Audio streaming links

* BBC Sports -Cricket is broadcasting audio commentary of the West Indies - Zimbabwe match at Sabina Park, Kingston, Jamaica.

* I am watching India - Bermuda game being played at Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain, Trinidad via Sopcast player. Click this link for details. Look for live cricket in the channels list.

Other possible links:

* MyP2P

* Live Sports Online.

* Cricket World Cup Live.

* Another Link: Check for BTV and Set Max channels.

* Highlights of Bangladesh vs. India World Cup 2007 match on 17th march, 2006.

* Here is a link to watch free highlights of the previous matches.

March 18, 2007

R.I.P. Bob Woolmer

The cricket world is shocked by the news of the stunning death of the Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer (58). Cricinfo reports:
He died in hospital in Jamaica on Sunday after being found unconscious on the floor of his World Cup hotel room earlier in the day.
This has come in a time when irate Pakistani fans threated in Multan "Death to Bob Woolmer , death to Inzamam, death to Nasim Ashraf - police should arrest them" protesting Pakistan's shocking defeat to Ireland, an associate Cricketing nation. Pakistan is out of the world cup within a week of the tournament.

Bangladesh have arrived, but what went wrong for India?

I present you three instances how India perceived Bangladesh cricket team before the match.

1) SET Max channel airs a promo of their "Extraaa Innings" program starring panelists Mandira Bedi and Charu Sharma. They show 9 teams including the number ten in ODI ranking Zimbabwe but leaves out the number 9 Bangladesh.

2) DD National channel airs "the Fourth Umpire", a cricket analysis program. Their episode during the India-Bangladesh match contained Indian cricket legends like Chetan Sharma and Kris Srikanth among the panel. They were discussing how India will win this World Cup and which players will contribute to what extent. Then there was the public opinion section via telephone. An young Indian was asked "In last match Gibbs has hit six sixes an over. So what India will do today?" He said " Dhoni will strike 7 sixes an over today." How? "Bangladesh will produce a no ball which will be dispatched over the rope again." Then the panelists were laughing at Bangladesh being a minnow and Srikkanth's view seemed like they deserved the 7 sixes an over.

Srikkanth dismissed any chance of Bangladesh causing an upset against this Bangladesh. Another panelist Anjum mentioned Bangladesh had beaten New Zealand in an warm up match. Srikkanth remarked all these are rubbish. There is a vast difference between India and Bangladesh so Bangladesh cannot win. India has come to win the world cup. If they loose today they should take the next flight home. Everybody was laughing. Chetan Sharma commented India should not take Bangladesh seriously. If India should respect Bangladesh then they should not have come to this World Cup.

During the match break Srikkanth was upset with India's paltry total of 191. After some discussions he commented that it was the Indian batsmen who gifted their wicket , the Bangladeshi bowlers had really done nothing special. Chetan Sharma thought that Bangladesh batting is not that strong. Srikkanth still thought that India should take the next flight home if they loose.

After the end of the game as India lost to Bangladesh Chetan and Srikkanth were not there to comment. People were wondering whether they went to the travel agent to confirm the Indian team's return ticket. Anjum, the another presenter thought that Bangladesh may cause another upset to beat Sri Lanka to provide a chance for India in the World Cup. Wow! what a complete turn around of assessment about Bangladesh. (Taken from this article published in the Daily Shomokal)

3) Bangladesh has toured every Test cricket nation except India. Because cricket is a business to them and having Bangladesh is commercially unprofitable. A tour with a said minnow is commercially unattractive for the media and advertisers. India last toured Bangladesh in 2004 December. Bangladesh has beaten India for the first time then. After that India cancelled their next scheduled tour to Bangladesh twice and did not play them in last couple of years. The reasons suspected was again commerce. So India chose to deffer it till May 2007. I am not sure whether they will come to Bangladesh or invite back Bangladesh as there will always be excuses available.

So what can you say about the above instances? Simple arrogance and looking down on others has caused India this disgrace. As a saying goes "none are more unjust in their judgments of others than those who have a high opinion of themselves". India has took their eyes off Bangladesh who progressed a lot in 2006. Their techniques got better and they are getting used to winning albeit most of the opponents were not from the super eight of Cricket.

This simple arrogance also sieged the Indian cricket team who came to the field without in form Sreesanth and Kumble and decided to bat first probably with a score like 350 in mind. And the pressure on the players were immense as they found Bangladesh bowlers using the conditions and maintaining line and length. When Bangladesh was batting they just had no clue why these eighteen year olds were not respecting the paper tiger bowlers. While Bangladesh had a game plan they just had no plan "B" to tackle the surprise.

Anand Vasu says in Cricinfo that:

Bangladesh have slowly, steadily, doggedly worked at their cricket to the best of their ability for years now, and the fruit of that is this win. The point is that they have been around for a while now, it's just that not too many have taken note.

The Bangladeshi Newspaper Prothom Alo said this win is a reply to the Indian's disrespect about Bangladesh. Bangladesh proved India that what is commerce to them is merely a game for them. The article concludes with the hope that India is put down on their feet with this shock. If they still cannot revise their opinion about Bangladesh they will be reminded in the coming tour.

Now India will go nowhere with blaming players and the coach for this loss. Cricket is religion, passion and everything to Indians. Actually millions of Indian cricket fans deserves better from the Indian team. And this will happen when all the extra pressure of high expectations and influence of commerce in cricket are reduced. Let the Indian team play for themselves, not for the cup, but for the sheer pleasure of the game. India has enough good players to become a champion but now it may be too late for this World Cup.

The Bangladesh victory against India in the eyes of the media

* Tigers 1, Lambs 0 - Cricinfo

Bangladesh have slowly, steadily, doggedly worked at their cricket to the best of their ability for years now, and the fruit of that is this win. But, they have won matches like this so many times now, prompting people to say they have finally arrived. The point is that they have been around for a while now, it's just that not too many have taken note.

* Tigers turn India upside down - The Daily Star - Bangladesh

"Bangladesh heroes dedicate famous victory to Manzarul Rana; batsmen complete job after bowlers' demolition of fancied India"

* Bangladesh teenagers send India crashing - ABC Sports Australia

"Our backs are up against the wall - India skipper Rahul Dravid"

* Bangladesh celebrate victory over India - Reuters UK

"This is just the beginning, in our third World Cup. We will rock the Caribbean"

* India slammed after shock Bangladesh defeat - Reuters UK

"The Indian cricketers are rich, powerful, glamorous men who do not play well as they are busy endorsing biscuits, cars, shoes and many other things."

* 'Our batsmen were overcautious' - Rediff News

"It was not only the batting, but the bowling also looked ineffective. India were totally outclassed in both batting and bowling by Bangladesh."

* At the heart of the game - The untiring men who've made the difference for Bangladesh - Cricinfo

If a coach's efficacy is to be judged by how much he has lifted the performance of his team, you'd struggle to beat Whatmore. Brick by brick, he has built this Bangladesh team.

March 17, 2007

Bangladesh vs India: Live blogging -Bangladesh is on top

India 33/2 in 12 overs with Sehwag and Uthappa back to the pavilion. Mortaza on a roll here. And Bangladesh hopes to restrict India within 250.

The other game looks also interesting. Pakistan is 25/2 in 5 overs and Ireland is restricting Pakistan.

16 Overs: India 50/3. Razzak got Tendulkar in his first over with an arm ball. Ganguly eased the pressure with consecutive fours. He is on 21 and looking good. Dravid is on the crease with him. Bangladesh would be looking forward to bowl them out to restrict India within a low target. I wish Bangladesh had an additional pace bowler.

26 Overs: We have a game on here. India are 75/4 in 26 overs. Dravid was out to Rafique's first ball.

35 Overs: India is going comfortable with 122/4 with Sourav Ganguly with a half century.

The other match is getting much more interesting. Pakistan 68/5 in 18.3 overs. Ireland is really intimidating. We have a game on here too.

Wow! Pakistan 72/6 in 20.3 overs. It seems Pakistan will not reach 100 if they continue to play like this. Well done Ireland.

Pakistan have managed only 132 in 45.4 over. Not Ireland, Pakistan looked like a minnow in the hand of an accomplished team.

The Indian innings ended with 191 on the board in 49.3 overs. India got the momentum after 40 overs but 5 wickets tumbled down within a few runs. That restricted India to 191. Now Bangladesh has a real chance to get those runs. Lets see what they can do.

4 Overs: Bangladesh 24/0. Tamim Iqbal has gone after the Indian bowling attack with a couple of boundaries.

8 Overs: Bangladesh 35/1. Shahriar Nafees's run drought continues. He did not offer a shot and adjudged a marginal lbw on 2, something he needs to keep in mind in future. Bangladesh surprisingly upgraded Mushfiqur Rahim from number 7 to number 3. Probably to wear out the shine of the new ball while Tamim keeps the scoreboard ticking.

After 10 overs something extraordinary is happening as the BBC Radio commentators are saying Tamim Iqbal is tearing Indian bowling apart. Bangladesh is 60/1 after 11 overs. Tamim is now 45 with 6 fours and what do you know 2 sixes. Exciting stuff from Bangladesh.

Picture credit ReutersBangladesh is loosing momentum? Bangladesh is 79/3 in 16 overs after the Tamim onslought. Tamim and Aftab is gone now and Munaf Patel is the best pick of the Indian bowling attack. Misjudged shots of the two gifted the wickets to Patel. Bangladesh needs some consolidation.

33 Overs: Bangladesh is 135/3 with Mushfiqur Rahim and Shakibul Hasan steadying the Bangladesh innings with a 56 run partnership. Only 57 run required from 17 overs with 7 wickets in hand. Bangladesh should win from here if they do not choke at any point.

In the other match at Sabina Park, Kingston, Jamaica Ireland is replying 47/2 in 16.4 overs. They only need 86 runs at rate of about 2.5 per over with 8 wickets in hand.

India breaks the 82 run partnership. A rush of blood for Shakib, who just completed a one-day fifty in style hitting a six from Harbhajan. It was not required and Bangladesh could be more clinical. Bangladesh is now 164/4 and only need 28 runs from 11 overs.

In the other game Ireland has just lost another wicket. They are 55/3 in 19 overs. Still got some consolidations to do.

The game is going towards the desired finish. Bangladesh is 186/5 in 46 overs. 6 more runs required in four overs. Mushfiqur completed his 50 and is ticking on. Actually it should have been only 4 wickets as Habibul Bashar should not have been out this way.

Bangla TV is showing the live coverage but with blurry video and unprofessional commentaries.

Its all over! Mushfiqur Rahim strikes the winning boundary. Its a victory for Bangladesh, second time against India! Congratulations boys. This one is for Manjarul Islam Rana.

Surely there will be processions all over the country in this hour at night in Bangladesh (3 AM). Bangladesh has proved that they should not be called a minnow anymore. Now next target of Bangladesh is to get in the super eight. Its the moment from when Bangladesh will not look back.

India vs Bangladesh, Group B 2nd Match of Cricket World Cup 2007, Live Links

Links will be hot when the match starts:

* BBC Sports -Cricket for complete coverage from the BBC with audio and video feeds, feature stories, picture galleries, or have your say in the online forum. Please click on the Live link and on the next page click on "Live Test Match Special audio" to hear the commentary.

* I was told this video link is working.

* Live Sports Online.

* Cricket World Cup Live.

* Nepali Bergen Link.

* Another Link: Check for BTV and Set Max channels.

* Here is a link to watch free highlights of the previous matches.

Update: For live links of Bangladesh vs India cricket series May, 2007 click here.

Bangladesh will be playing for Manjarul

The Daily Star has the story of Manjarul Islam Rana, the young Bangladeshi all rounder. Manjarul scored an unbeaten 89 and took two wickets in a club cricket match in Khulna yesterday. While returning to home from the ground a tragic motor bike accident killed him and fellow cricketer Sajjadul Islam Setu.

(The picture courtesy the Daily Star: After his brilliant all-round show that gave Bangladesh A their only victory against visiting England A on March 11, Manjarul Islam Rana (2nd L) leaves the ground)

The news came as a shock to the Bangladesh team in the Caribbean and the boys were really upset. Some of them were crying as the amicable Manjarul was close to his team members. The 22 years old had appeared in six Tests and 25 one-day internationals for Bangladesh. He was deemed to be the replacement of the veteran left arm spinner Mohammad Rafiq who is playing his last World Cup.

In a team meeting the Bangladesh decided to dedicate their world cup mission to Manjarul. A mourning Bangladesh want to win today's World Cup Group B tie against India as a tribute to team mate Manjarul Islam according to skipper Habibul Bashar.

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan writes in Cricinfo the five reasons why beating Bangladesh may not be easy for India.

Good luck Bangladesh. Do it for Manjarul.

YouTube video of the day

The million dollar over - Herschelle Gibbs hitting six consecutive sixes in an over.

March 16, 2007

Cricket world Cup 2007: from the cricket blogs

  • Line and Length blog remembers Manjarul Islam Rana (22), Bangladesh cricket team's all-rounder, who has been killed in a road accident in Khulna today. Rana played six Tests and 25 one-day internationals and was not considered for the world cup squad. Rest in piece Rana. Tomorrow Bangladesh team will be on the field for the match against India with a heavy heart.
  • Kenyan blog Mentalacrobatics slams Michael Holdings comments that 'cricket minnows should not be allowed to compete at world cup' stating how a minnow called Kenya spanked his own West Indies team in 1996.
  • Ahmer Azhar Karimuddin of Pakistan Cricket Updates is upset to know that there will be no Radio broadcast of Cricket World Cup in Pakistan.
  • If you are wondering who plays Cricket in this World then CricketBlogged posts the unofficial cricket map?
  • Scribbler on the net wonders whether ICC is being colonial by forcing the use of English language on all teams.
  • If you believe in astrology then check the GaneshaSpeaks Team's multidimensional analysis of the Cricket World Cup 2007.

  • If anyone hits six sixes in an over during this World Cup, Johnnie Walker - the whisky folk - are going to give a million dollars to Habitat For Humanity - a charity who build homes for deprived communities reports King Cricket.

BNWLA Hostel Appeal

Bangladesh National Women Lawyers' Association (BNWLA) was formed in 1979. Throughout the past decades it has been striving to build up safeguards against all forms of violence, exploitation and discrimination against women and children in Bangladesh by ensuring legal and rehabilitation support and aid. Andrew has details on their efforts and an appeal:

BNWLA Hostel appeal
Their project faces a challenge. The temporary accommodation in which the survivors are currently being housed is in fact a rented old people’s home, which is cramped, rather gloomy and clearly inadequate in terms of space and facilities. A recent consultation asked the young women, girls and boys what their needs were. This is what they said. “We need an open space for out door games, a place for free movement, a bigger space for vocational training, a Theatre for cultural programs, and a big compound where will be fresh air, trees, birds, cafes, open playing instruments and prayer place”.

To meet this need, BNWLA plans to build a new safe shelter with dormitories, school and training facilities, an auditorium and a multi-purpose hall, in a green-field site already secured outside Dhaka. This will provide a much more suitable environment for recovery and rehabilitation, away from the stresses and dangers of the city. They need to raise approximately £330,000 (44 crore taka).

Every single donation will help, no matter how small. Please give, and change the future of the thousands of women, girls and boys who will benefit over the years from the shelter, as they seek to rebuild their broken lives. Kindly amplify this initiative to as many people as possible. Please click on the picture or go to this page to donate or provide your suggestions and comments.

Today's Links

* Group warns Germany, Austria of attacks.

* Germany introduces Kebab qualification for students.

* Germany takes a new look at immigrants.

* India has a reason to back Bangladesh army.

* AJC applauds U.S. House for calling on Bangladesh to end Choudhury trial.

* Bangladesh coup army officer held in USA.

* Programmers wanted ... as journalists.

March 15, 2007

Today's Cricket World Cup Video and Audio streaming links

* BBC Five Live Sports Extra: starts at GMT 14:15

Uninterrupted commentary on Ireland v Zimbabwe at the World Cup, live from Sabina Park, Jamaica

Unfortunately they are not streaming today because of copyright restrictions.

Checking out this link instead.

* Sri Lanka-Bermuda match live video. But this site buffers too much.

Update: Ireland and Zimbabwe have served up a quite magnificent game of cricket. (I was listening to the BBC commentary) They have produced a tie, the third ever tie in world cup history! I think Ireland should have won this game with Zimbabwe's target of 9 runs from 6 balls and one wicket. But their inexperience (dropped a catch, missed a run out) led to the tie. Nevertheless wonderful performance from Ireland. And for Zimbabwe, we expected better from them.

Living in an airport

Remember the movie "The Terminal"? Tom Hanks was left stranded in New York Airport for an year because his native East European country was in coup and he was deemed stateless. Actually the storyline, being trapped in an airport was based on a true story. As this report reveals:
Mr. Mehran Karimi Nasseri is the inspiration for the movie - a real-life Iranian refugee who arrived at Paris's Charles de Gaulle Airport in 1988 without a passport and without papers to enter another country. He's been stuck in Terminal One ever since. Like a lost and battered suitcase, he has been claimed by no one.
I don't know what happened to Mr. Nasseri but after the movie people seem to be more aware of the plights of such refugees.

Kamangir, an Iranian blogger reveals that Zahra Kamalfar and her children, stuck in Moskow Airport for nine months have been granted political asylum in Canada and was scheduled to be transfered yesterday. CBC News has more details:
She had left Iran nearly two years ago. She had been imprisoned for taking part in a pro-democracy rally along with her husband, now feared dead. She was given two days leave from prison to visit her children, Ana and David.

Instead of going back to jail, she procured fake Bulgarian passports, three plane tickets, and took her kids to join her brother in Canada.

Her flights took her through Moscow and Germany. German officials detected the fake passports and sent her back to Russia, as international law requires. She and her children lived in a refugee hostel for a while, but it was sold to a real estate developer (prices are skyrocketing in Moscow).The Russian authorities left her at the airport, from which you cannot leave without proper documents. For over nine months now, she and her kids have eaten, slept and bathed in the airport. For a long while they ate airplane meals provided by a Russian airline (it was at fault for transporting her without proper documents,) and then getting by with the material and financial help of strangers and, when her story hit the blogosphere, the large Iranian diaspora.
Amazing! Freedom at last for Kamalfar family. Mr. Nasseri was not so lucky. Anyone knows about his fate?

Death of a blogger infected with HIV: Reality bites

Sokrai informs that Busi, a South African blogger infected with aids has died. She only found out about the infection in April, 2006 after she was raped in October 2005. Sokari explains:
For her the journey is twofold. Coming to terms with being raped and having to see her rapist walk the streets in freedom; and beginning her journey of an HIV positive life.
Busi's journey ended. But should the world not come into terms of the devastations of HIV/AIDS. Should you want not to be the next victim of rape by an HIV infected rapist?

Busi wrote some poems. Here is one snippet:
I fought and showed many that there’s nothing wrong with being diabetic, epileptic and HIV
I represented many of the HIV infected lesbian sisters
I told the truth never mind the judgments
I showed my rapist how strong i was regardless that he poisoned my blood with his HIV
I was loved by some and was hated by some,STILL i did my thing
Some would say…
I am full shit! but spiritually i was full
I was fed with GOD’s glory that’s why I praised HIM
I praised HIM more than i praised friends
I am my mother’s daughter
I made history and marked historical books of this world
FOR..without no doubt i’ll and i am in peace with my maker and creator.
Amen. Rest in peace Busi.

March 14, 2007

Global Voices Online: unique expreiment in new journalism

Global Voices Online has been featured in the state of the news media 2007 (a report on American journalism) as one of the four high achievers in digital journalism . Rebecca MacKinnon, the co-founder of Global Voice Online has details. Some excerpts:

"Global Voices takes a unique four-step approach to identifying what is interesting. First, rather than searching stories from mainstream news outlets, editors cull through a vast number of blogs from around the world. The editors, who themselves are located across the globe, then decide which postings are worth passing on. Next, they add their own comments or background information to put the blog entries in context. Finally, when necessary, entries are translated into English, often by a different “language” editor.

The strongest impression one has when visiting this site...is its international feel. Global Voices is not a site to visit to get the latest headlines or find out what the media are talking about. But it shines a bright light on issues the big media often pass by."

The world is talking, are you listening?

Cricket links for the day

* Are you ready for some ... cricket?

* Mortaza keen to celebrate Bangladesh landmark.

* Cricket brings English-speaking world together (without U.S.).

* World Cup organizing triumph.

* Did Pakistan play well?

* Cricket news in brief: Wednesday 14 March 2007.

Quote of the day

"Do they really think watching a short clip on a 4inch embedded screen is going to rob anyone of their "value" input? YouTube is just about the best kind of advertising I know and I've bought a good number of DVDs off the back of viewing clips there."

- A reader's comment in Boing Boing post about Viacom's $1B lawsuit against YouTube alleging to take the fruit of its efforts without permission

March 13, 2007

When TV coverage is not available

Pakistan-West Indies Match

I was listening to the BBC Radio coverage in the first half. Also was keeping an eye on the Cricinfo.com ball-by-ball commentary. The West Indies Cricket Blog is live-blogging the event.

Just now found the link to the free live video streaming of Pakistan - West Indies match. Halleluja!

With 241 on the board the West Indies team can expect to win. Pakistan is 99/4 at the end of 29th over. If WI can get Inzamam out, they have got a good chance to nail Pakistan. However for Pakistan Inzamam is the key. He has to stay till the end of 50 overs to see Pakistan through.

Update: Well in the end Pakistan could only get 187 with Shoaib Malik left stranded on 62 without any partner. They have got some worries with their top order. And all the credit goes to WI team, who could get quick runs at the fag end of their innings and showed a disciplined bowling performance. As a host they are partying well.

YouTube video of the day

A Biman Bangladesh Airbus A310 carrying 236 passengers aborted takeoff due to a technical glitch breaking its nose wheel, closing Dubai airport for eight hours. From the video it looks like God saved the passengers. (More here)

Today's Links

* The Internet worldwide.

* Microcredit: The dead end debate continues.

* Welcome to the era of video resumes.

* Muslim world's first 20-year whiskey.

* Why I fled George Bush’s war?

Cricket World Cup 2007 TV, Radio and Internet Broadcasts: Live and highlights

The 16-team World Cup in the Caribbean will last 48 days with 51 matches broadcast live to an estimated world-wide audience of 1,5 billion.

Here are some relevant links for available feeds in all the regions of the world:

* BBC Sports -Cricket for complete coverage from the BBC with audio and video feeds, feature stories, picture galleries, or have your say in the online forum. Please click on the Live link and on the next page click on "Live Test Match Special audio" to hear the commentary.

* World Cup live TV Broadcasts

* World Cup live radio broadcasts

* Cricket World Cup 2007 free Live video Stream link.

* Sky Sports highlights.

* Patrix has details on Live Webcast of the Cricket World Cup 2007.

* World Cup exclusives and ball-by-ball commentary in Internet portals:

- Cricinfo.com
- StickyWicket.com
- Cricket365.com
- ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 official site
- 123 India.com
- CricketWorld.com
- Wikipedia world cup 2007 site for history, statistics and trivia

* World Cup ball-by-ball commentary on your mobile phone.

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Cricket World Cup 2007: from the cricket blogs

The 9th World Cup cricket started with a colorful opening ceremony in the Carribean islands. The tournament is scheduled for 51 matches in a span of one and a half months. The itinerary can be found here, the tickets here, and here is the official website. (via Cric Blog)

Mahesh of i3j3 cricket posts some images of Mello, the world cup Mascot. A Voice of Colombo posts details on the Cricket World Cup venues, where the matches will be played.

Bharath Hemachandran has done an interesting pre-world cup warm up match performance summary of the 16 playing nations. The Googly posts the world cup group previews.

Do you know what Sri Lanka had in 1996 that they don’t have now? 'The element of surprise' is the answer tells Dark Horse. Bangladesh aims to enter the big league says Miraz at Bangla Cricket.

The Commentary Box reports that the world cup trophy was damaged in Kolkata while handing over to ICC earlier last week. Scribbler on the net reports the umpires on the ground will hear the faintest of edges via hearing aids. Hope the players don't appeal to him closely.

Google has launched an official blog, which will be authored by former Indian cricketer Krish Srikkanth.

No doubt the world will suffer some loss of productivity, because millions of cricket fans worldwide will spend hours in front of TV as claimed by a British report. However Samir in Eye on Cricket says this won't have an impact on the Indian economy.

March 12, 2007

Biman on a nosedive again

This time an Airbus A310 carrying 236 passengers was seen on a nose dive in Dubai Airport (Photo credit Reuters). The busy airport was closed some time for this. The passengers were evacuated, 14 received minor injuries. (CNN)

Biman is in trouble since long. Even the pilots feel that the aged crafts are not flightworthy.

We have been hearing about massive corruption by ex-prime minister Khaleda Zia's brother Shamim Iskander. He is said to control pilots of Biman Bangladesh airline and have strong influence on the entire civil aviation ministry. He was instrumental in leasing aircrafts and the scam was that the yearly expenditure was more than the cost of a second-hand aircraft. I hope Biman is rescued from the down slide soon.

March 10, 2007

More on Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

Mash posts an analytical piece on Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury. He draws an interesting diagram of his friends who have put pressure on Bangladesh Government to clear the cases against him.

Also check the dialogs (1, 2) between Mash and Rabbi Sue Levi, a contributor to Weekly Blitz.

It is clear that being an one time Islamist himself, Mr. Choudhury had business relationship with Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh sympathizers and then had trouble with them on business matters. Sedition charges was brought against him by the previous government and hands of Jamaat-e-Islami is suspected because it was a part of the Government. It may be a clear case of misuse of power to take a revenge on enemies.

Mash adds:
The involvement of the extremists from the Fellowship in Mr. Choudhury’s tabloid, the Weekly Blitz, is also rather curious. Mr. Choudhury, Islamist turned Zionist, may be an opportunist or a patsy, or both.
It seems Mr. Choudhury has some explanations to make. It is unclear to me why other media or the civil society has not been vocal for the unlawful repressions against him. He may disclose it better.

After the recent change of Government and reforms in the judicial system, we can expect that Mr. Salah Uddin can defend himself in the court and if allegations are proved that he was framed, the persons behind this should be brought to justice.

March 09, 2007

One Begum down.. one to go

The Economist has an interesting round up of Bangladesh's latest political drama. Some excerpts:

Mr Rahman, a senior BNP official, and long Mrs Zia's presumed successor, had in recent years become the symbol in the public mind of kleptocratic rule and the politics of violent retaliation. Most Bangladeshis preferred not to mention him by name, out of fear. Instead they dubbed him “Mr Ten Per Cent”—a reference to his alleged cut on almost any deal done by his mother's government. But the culture of fear is waning. The BNP, the party his mother inherited from his father, is desperately fighting for its survival.

Update 1: The Daily Janakantha reveals there is one video evidence of Tarique's scam. This was shown also to Begum Khaleda Zia clarifying why Tarique was being arrested. And there are more concrete proofs available in the case against him. It seems Tarique is in deep trouble.

Update 2: The Daily Star reports that Tarique confessed that he has bank accounts ion five countries - Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa and Switzerland.

Update 3: (Via Shadakalo)Drama continues:- Tarique sent to Dhaka Central Jail; will have to sleep on cold hard concrete in Dhaka Central Jail just like other general inmates as he was denied division facilities; Tarique actually sobbed in court, and borrowed some facial tissue from one of his lawyers to wipe his nose. Oh dear!