May 03, 2003

The power of blog and its threats
Courtesy-BBC (Read more by clicking on this link)

* Blogs are everywhere and governments are beginning to sit up and take notice
* Linking to other sites, tracking links made to one's own entries and posting comments or opinions creates a seamless and rich web of information, accessible to all - or at least, to everyone with a net connection
* Even though the number of bloggers is relatively small compared to the overall net population, with perhaps a million active blogs, this is going to grow, especially if AOL delivers on its promise to offer a free blogging service to its 35 million users.
* Casualties of Blogging:
- Sina Motallebi (Iran)
- Lui Di (China)
* Advantage of blogging:
"Blogging is important in Iran because it provides a way for people to write freely about a wide range of topics, and to do so relatively anonymously." -Bill Thompson


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