August 03, 2003


1) The suicide truck-bomb blast at a military hospital near Chechnya yesterday took more than 50 lives and many injured (reports CNN). The suspects : Chechnyan rebels.

2) Explosives stored in a road builder's home have detonated killing at least 40 people and injuring another 120 in a remote Pakistani village (CNN). The explosives stored in the contractor's house were intended for use in blasting rock by road construction crews. It was unclear why the contractor, who was among the dead, stored them in his home.

Observation: It seems that explosives are easily available to the insane or the idiots (as in both cases). This is the time when the world community should think of controlling the production and use of the explosives. I am not an expert but I believe that these high power sophisticated explosives are mostly from a small number of sources. If these could be tracked and banned then I think people can breath a bit more freely. Otherwise me and you could be the next victim of somebody's agenda or carelessness. As there are special efforts to control drugs, explosives should also be controled.


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