July 19, 2004

Watched the movie yesterday. It was an unconventional drama with a touch of comedy. The writer/director Sofia Coppola won an Oscar for the category "Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen".  It is a story of a friendship between two dislocated married persons -A mid-aged American movie star and an young lady both staying at the same hotel in Tokyo. The both were suffering from loneliness and burdens of married life, where responsibilities overshadow personal feelings. The friendship does not involve sex, greed or other allures. Rather it was filled with companionship and joy like they both share a bed the whole night just talking to each other and trying to find themselves. The movie ends with no cinematic twist, like both deciding to stay together or having sex. Instead they part with a sweet memory of friendship, which has given them solace from loneliness and discover their true selves. Browse this message board for viewers comments.
I always wondered whether it is really possible for a man and a women to be just friends without involvement of sex, greed or other reasons. This friendship will not hamper each other�s personal lives and the friendship would last long in companionship without any definitive goal. I know from experience that this is not possible because all the time other social factors come in between and the friendship does not remain without any definitive goal. And when the friendship turns to something else, often it has dismal ending. Do you have any such experience?


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