August 21, 2006

Plagiarized views, such is the state of anti-Bangladesh writings

I was shocked, as I was reading one artcile called 'Bangaldesh: New terror route' written by Mr. Vipin Agnihotri, who has a post graduate diploma in mass communication in India. He has posted the same article titled "Bangladesh: A New Terror Hub" in The Day After magazine. The first sentence seemed familiar to me and then I realized that it was from one of my writings posted in my blog as early as October, 2004. I could easily find from the blog archive my article titled 'India-Bangladesh relationship' and was much astonished to see certain section of the article was wholly copied and pasted in Agnihotris article. You can see for yourselves.

In the last couple of years there have been a number of articles in the international suggesting that Bangladesh is increasingly leaning towards fundamentalism. Such views arose as Bangladesh was regularly hit by bomb blasts in public places, a small portion of intellectual communities threatened by certain sections of religious outfits, and certain minorities like the Ahmadia community were attacked by the bigots. The government at first went on a denial role further suggesting that there is collusion between these fundamentalists and forces within the government. Jamaat-e-Islami, the coalition partner of the ruling BNP, was blamed for playing the role here but such allegations are yet to be proved. However the government could pull the strings as massive operation was launched against the religious fundamentalists. Especially after the extremism organization Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh(JMB)launched a nationwide assault by exploding more than 500 non-lethal bombs in 63 of the 64 districts of Bangladesh in August 2005. Such an act was to show their might. But the combing operation of the security forces could make an inroad to the hideouts of the JMB and successfully apprehend the chief Abdur Rahman and his second-in-command Siddiqul Islam alias Bangla Bhai along with many small fries of the organizations. These two were sentenced to death in their first trial in May, similar trials are to follow.

It may be questioned now why these guys went on a rampage with their bigot thinking, just to establish God's law as they claim? Their confessions claim that they received 10000 British pound starlings from 2 Britons for the August 2005 offensive. This suggests an international link to the organization. However as organizations like Al-Qaeda do not have reasonable interest in these belts, it may be deemed that other elements may have been behind this to create a unstable situation in the country. Jamaat-e-Islami may not be behind this as their popularity dropped sharply after the August 2005 bombings and this can affect their chances in the coming elections. So the notion that these extremists are totally homegrown influenced by rapid popular support is far from the truth.

Now after putting most of the JMB outfit behind the bars the nation has not been exposed to renewed bomb attacks or significant evidence that extremist outfits are again materializing. Bangladeshi blogger Razib has discussed in details why Bangladesh will not transform towards Talibanization as claimed by many such articles specially by the Indians. The critics of Hiranmay Karlekar's book Bangladesh, the next Afghanistan say that he had never been to Bangladesh to get a first hand report and all his views are based on secondary sources.

And we can see how these sources can be, copying and pasting suitable words from others views. I wish if Mr. Vipin could also plagiarize my conclusion in his article:
Problems like this will continue to exist if both the countries do not wish to minimize them and want to keep them alive for political reasons. Renowned columnist Kuldip Nayar has urged the Indians to be generous and be realistic to conquer the anti-India feeling in Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi think tanks are not doing well enough to reduce the tensions the political leaders are inflicting upon the relationship.

Meanwhile a girl in Bangladesh will continue to adore Shahrukh Khan (Indian actor) and watch all his movies in pirated discs and girl in India will pay any price to get a Dhakai Sari smuggled through the borders. A Bangladeshi boys honeymoon place would be in Darjeeling and an Indian’s Cox’s Bazaar Beach. I think many of the Bangladeshi politicians who cries against India in a political speech, go home and watch popular Hindi soap operas in Indian Channels and some would send his kid to a school in an Indian hill convent. India-Bangladesh relations will remain so bitter sweet and quite prone to exploitation by the political leaders.
Update: The article in the (see first link) vanished after I posted this article in their comments section. However you can still view the article first recorded by Mac Haque's Chutneyz.


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