July 08, 2007

New seven wonders of the nature - campaign for Bangladesh

The new Seven wonders of the world have been elected yesterday to represent global heritage throughout history. These were voted by millions of people through web, email, sms and other campaigns during past 8 years. They are as follows:

* Chichén Itzá, Mexico
* Christ Redeemer, Brazil
* The Great Wall, China
* Machu Picchu, Peru
* Petra, Jordan
* The Roman Colloseum, Italy
* The Taj Mahal, India

Here are the photos.

This will certainly boost the tourism industries of countries like Jordan and Mexico.

Now nominations are open for the new Seven wonders of nature. A nominee must be a natural site, a natural monument or a landscape.

I think its only befitting to nominate at least two natural wonders from Bangladesh. They are:

* Cox's Bazar, the longest natural sea beach of the world

* Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world

The nominations are open till 08.08.08, exactly one year and one month from today. So what are you waiting for? Nominate the best natural wonders from your country and the world from here.


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