June 12, 2008

Corruption of Jamaat-e-Islami

Jamaat-e-Islami, a religious party of Bangladesh boasts of not being corrupt. However in recent times some of their leaders were finally accused of corruption and even a few were sentenced. More and more shocking reports are coming. Here is one tragic tale of Salim Zahid, a journalist of the Bangla Daily Jugantor who was recently sacked in consequence to publishing one report of corruption against Rezaul Karim, a senior Jamaat leader of Comilla. The leader persuaded the journalist not to publish the report. He was also being intimidated by certain persons who claimed to be members of an intelligence organization and relative to the Jamaat leader. After the journalist published the report the leader complained that he had demanded extortion of Taka 50,000 from the leader. Salim was also being threatened for life and he filed a general diary against them. After that the intelligence agents were alleged to intimidate the Newspaper to sack him. The paper gave in and sacked Salim. This is one of the sorry tales of compromised Bangladesh Media.

Salim thinks he is victim of personal grudge of those agents who have personal relation with the Jamaat Leader.

Here is another instance (Hat tip: Hidden Street)of corruption by Jamaat leader in Rajshahi. Watch the Ekushey TV investigative report (in Bangla)as a corrupt NGO of a Jamaat leader obtained deposits from farmers using religion (Islam) as a marketing tactics.


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