August 12, 2008

Finding Bangladesh

A new three part series documentary on “Historical Places of Bangladesh” has recently been released in DVDs and its now available in Bangladesh. (Via Angelmorn)

Here is a trailer of the first part:

The first part covers the following landmarks:

From Dhaka Division: Ahsan Manzil, Lalbagh Fort, Dhakeswari Temple, Star Mosque and Sonargaon (Panam City, Bara Sardar Bari and the Sonakanda Fort).

From Rajshahi Division: Ramshagor Dighi, Kantajee’s Temple, Ksumba Mosque, Paharpur, Behula’s Nuptial House, Mohasthangarh and Puthia
From its Facebook campaign:
Bangladesh is blessed and adorned with countless mesmerizing “sites and scenes” where nature has woven its beauty very intricately; not only in terms of natural beauty, but also in terms of historical land marks.

We decided to document the important sites all over Bangladesh and compile it on a series so that at least people know about them.
I can't wait to get hold of this DVD.


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