December 29, 2008

Liveblogging Bangladesh Elections results

The vote ended a couple of hours ago. The results have started coming in. Still early to call anything.

* BDT 7:09PM Nayadiganta is updating Districtwise results

* BDT 7:11PM The Daily Star has nice layout for the results. Still the figures are nil.

* BDT 7:12PM Unheard Voice is also live blogging.

* BDT 7:15PM Rizvi Ahmed of BNP gives press conference says the media is showing bias in reporting news of “intimidation” by BNP members. The money that has been found with various agents is for “the entertainment exp on the election day”.

Is not there a limitation of election expense rule? 41 lakhs as “entertainment” for how many people?

And Sarees for what treat? Am not convinced..

* BDT 7:36PM Some snippets from Districts:

Dhaka-8: Total Vote Centers-102, Results-01
Habibul Sohel (Dhaner Shish) : 614
Rashed Khan Menon (Nouka) : 881

Panchagar -2: Total Vote Centers-103, Results-21
Mozahar Hossain (Dhaner Shish) : 10259
Nurul Islam Shujan (Nouka) : 1381

Bandarban: Total Vote Centers-162, Results-05
Saching Pru (Dhaner Shish) : 419
Bir Bahadur (Nouka) : 1197

* BDT 8:10PM from Asif: Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury, an accused war criminal, has lost by 13000 votes in one of his seats.

Unconfirmed reports say AL/Grand alliance is leading in 200+ seats (out of 300) and Matiur Rahman Nizami, the Jamaat-e-Islami Amir is losing. Moulana Sobhan from Jamaat is also losing.

* BDT 8:28 From

Early results: AL ahead
Three hours into vote counting in Bangladesh's ninth parliamentary polls on Monday evening, early results from dozens of polling stations around the country showed Awami League and their allies to be ahead of their rivals.

* BDT 8:41 ATN TV: Sheikh Hasina - officially declared (99 of 101 centers) as winner in Gopalganj -3

* BDT 10:42 I was apalled by the poor aggregation of the media to present a simple graphic, which party are leading by numbers. So I worked on a google doc from the media info and came up with this:

Will be upldated regularly.

More at E-Bangladesh:

30 December 2008

* BDT 04:05AM Here is the latest results. Click on the image for details:

Latest Results Of Bangladesh Election 2008

Please refresh the post for the latest.


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