February 22, 2009

South Asian Rock Music Festival

The second South Asian Bands festival is taking place at Purana Qila in New Delhi, India. 14 rock bands of South Asia are participating in the event.

Nepali blogger Salik Shah, who is in New Delhi to attend the WordCamp, was at the festival and shares his reactions about the Bangladeshi band Miles among others:
The band that actual stole the show was the Bangladeshi band — Miles. Miles just celebrated their silver anniversary. We could see the reason why they are still going strong. I was at the top of my voice when they sang Shanti noi, Shanti noi.. I understand a lil’bit bangle and could actively indulge in their stellar act. They also covered November Rain and yeah — Rockk On… They surely rocked and left us thrilled!!! They also made us ‘Jump’. JUMP. JUMPPPPPPP!!!! When they asked us to chant “jaaala jaala” (one of Miles’ best), I was wondering “kaahan?” Funnily in Nepali, “jaala” means “will go [somewhere]”…


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