May 12, 2009

Its About Time

The Bangladesh Foreign minister has asked Pakistan to apologize for the genocide during the the Bangladesh's war of independence in 1971 by Pakistan Army. She stressed that Islamabad should take millions of stranded Pakistanis back and settle disputed resources claims.

Some people say that Pakistan has already done so. But this is not true. In a visit to Bangladesh in 2002, then Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf expressed regrets for the '1971 events' during the War of Liberation, shifted the blame for genocide from Pakistan's armed forces:
"Your brothers and sisters in Pakistan share the pain of the events of 1971. The excesses during that unfortunate period are regrettable. Let us bury the past in a spirit of magnanimity. Let not the light of the future be dimmed. Let us move forward together."

Killing millions of people, raping hundreds of thousands of women and burning villages certainly define something else other than excess; that is genocide. Burying that past will only trigger such atrocities once again.

It is time those Pakistani generals should be brought to justice and Pakistan should unconditionally apologize to Bangladesh. Pakistan has nothing to lose as why all Pakistani carry the burden for the crime they did not know of (The atrocities were kept in dark from the ordinary Pakistanis).


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