June 29, 2009

SMS Services in Uganda from Grameen, Google & MTN

From The White African:
Grameen Foundation’s AppLab has released a new suite of mobile phone applications developed in Uganda, using Google SMS Search and in partnership with MTN Uganda as the mobile operator. The services include:
  • Farmer’s Friend: a searchable database with both agricultural advice and targeted weather forecasts
  • Health Tips: provides sexual and reproductive health information
  • Clinic Finder: helps locate nearby health clinics and their services
  • Google Trader: matches buyers and sellers of agricultural produce and commodities as well as other products. Local buyers and sellers, such as small-holder farmers, are able to broaden their trading networks and reduce their transaction costs. (known locally as “Akatale SMS”)
This has been developed with a partnership between MTN Uganda, the Grameen Foundation and Google.

Here is a promo video from Uganda:

My question is why we are not seeing these kinds of sms based activism in Bangladesh?


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