September 16, 2009

On the way to Dhaka

Before millions of Jakartans leave the city towards the villages for the Eid-ul Fitr holidays, I am on the way to Dhaka Bangladesh (writing from airport). This trip was not anticipated, but arranged hastily at the last moment. It will be a kind of relief after the hassles of bureaucracy we have been subject to while settling here. Everything took more than the expected time. Our shipment was waiting at the port and incurring demur-rage and we were waiting for a government officials sign and seal. The stay permits and registration procedures were extra cumbersome, things become frustrating because even after paying speed money things were not speeding up but going on at Indonesia's own space. I haven't had much luck with learning the language (hearing some podcasts) so we are still living in the cocoon and that hurts.

Family members were ill and we did not have time to adjust to the food here. So I guess we needed this welcome break to re-energize ourselves with the love of the family members back in Dhaka.

Looking forward to replenish with some iftaar delicacies and the foods of Eid festival. Dhaka, here we come.


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