November 23, 2009

The proposed education policy in Bangladesh

There is a saying that "when your only tool is a hammer all your problems look like nails." It seems the only tool of some of the Islamists is bringing death to somebody.

The latest act of some religious nutcase is to send a death threat to the Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid. His fault? Leading the formulation of a proposed "national education policy for Bangladesh" and posting the draft on the ministry website [bn].

The salient features of this new education policy which is set to be enacted this December:
  • Increase primary education from 5th to 8th class.
  • It will integrate Madras education and vocational education into the general education
  • It will establish mandatory core subjects for primary-level education: Bangla, English, mathematics, Bangladesh Studies, social environment and climate change, and information technology and science.
  • Every School will have a mandatory library equipped with necessary books
  • More scholarships for the poor
  • No physical punishments
  • Arrangement of lunch for the students
  • Education for indigenous students in their mothet tongues
  • Facilities for the disabled
  • Standardization of teachers qualifications
  • More training for the teachers and promotion will be connected with experience and training and many more

In a nutshell the national education policy will make changes at the grassroots levels of the education system.

Nirmal Gomes, a specialist in Educational Administration & Policy Studies, wrote in E-Bangladesh about this new education policy. He discussed the importance of a complete education system and this policy is close to that:

A holistic education policy implementation is most essential in the reality of Bangladesh. Every students need to be developed their emotional, physical, social, and intellectual growth. The education policy must acknowledge and emphasize the spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and psychological needs of young children from the beginning of its establishment and this will continue to foster growth in each child. Besides promoting skill-based education, the policy must encourage children to learn and nurture the social and cultural values, integrity, tolerate, respect and love others, service to others, and to be a responsible person. The students can learn all these good values from schools.

Now it seems a quarter is not liking the idea of a unified education system. The idea of introducing Science and mathematics to Madrassa students seem to be detrimental for some people's agenda. They think this policy is not emphasizing on religious education. It seems this idea is fed by the Islamist political parties as if they lose control on Madrassas then their politics will be difficult.

I think this education policy is not the ultimate solution for Bangladesh, but its a start. Lets not derail this road of change paying heed to threats of some religious fanatics. The policy needs your support.

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  2. the expression of the positive sides of new educational system in pointwise summarised way was a nice one to read and remember. But I was surprised =-O to see the starting of the page. Here you are going to talk about the educational system but why did you start with blaming the Muslims as a whole for taking wrong decision in solving a problem? there is no link with this situation to educational policy.
    You can not blame all Muslims in such a way for the fault of few others.

  3. The new proposed-education policy is very appreciable, at will benefit the students who are studying below the poverty line. The policy should realyy be BOY & GIRL friendly!.


  4. I strongly support this education system

  5. i think this education system is better than before

  6. At last the ministrial committee of Bangladesh Sangsad has approved the last education policy. We should now raise our voice to find out strenght and limitation of the policy.

  7. I totally reject these education policy.Because there is no future overview.

    Engr. Dabir Uddin Ahmed

  8. amar mone kichi naire vai

  9. vaire ami apnar shathe akmot hoilam ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  10. saiful islam,Shahjalal university of science & Technojogy,Sylhet.Saturday, December 18, 2010 11:10:00 AM

    The edu.policy help to build moderate bd,also create smart genaration that gives us brite future.It also helps to build prograsive,humanistic,scientific,technological,developed,cultured,genaration of who coment  against this edu. policy he/she is irational,back dated,jongi,kup mondok,unsmart,osikkhito ba pass,religiously blind,khet,rajaker.......nerrow minded.

  11. saiful islam,Shahjalal university of science & Technojogy,Sylhet.Saturday, December 18, 2010 11:13:00 AM

    policy is the best for bd.

  12. this policy is very nice .but i think nore conception should be added with this.the syllabus shouldbe changed.the discrimanation among public university,private university and national university should be equal.