January 03, 2010

Yes we can

The Education minister of Bangladesh Nurul Islam Nahid has kept his promise to provide millions of Bangladeshi school students with new textbooks from the first day of the new academic year. A staggering number of 186,826,950 textbooks were printed for 27,662,529 students of this academic year.

The minister said:
“A huge number of students from the poor families discontinue their studies due to lack of books. So we decided to provide all with new books to prevent drop out."
There were quarters who wanted him not to succeed. A mysterious fire at the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) warehouse in Tejgaon industrial blazed hundreds of tones of textbooks and printing materials on October 1. Fire service officials hinted that it was an act of sabotage. This daily star report hints that a supplier of papers, who was accused with supply of poor quality papers may be behind (as most of the papers burnt were  supplied by them).

However,  the minister should be lauded for his efforts to publish and distribute those books in time. I wish other ministers could show effectiveness like Nahid.


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