February 28, 2010

Quote Of The Day

"While some people question the need for a guide in a country with so few foreign tourists, this simple fact is what makes the need for a new guide so great. This is doubly true for Bangladesh, whose world reputation takes regular beatings in the foreign press when it makes the headlines for catastrophe. To all those who doubt, we now ask you to seek the reality behind the veil, to notice the color hidden in the corners, and to search the beauty hidden inside this friendly region of south Asia whose people may be short on space and material wealth, but possess hearts of infinite kindness. By looking deeper and staying for as long as you possibly can, a real picture emerges of a vibrant and diverse country whose secrets are waiting to be discovered below the surface."

- Bangladesh (Bradt Travel Guide) written by Mikey Leung and Belinda Meggitt



  1. Interesting guide. I've got a 10yr old Lonely P. one, which is now so outdated. :-)

  2. Thanks for that Rezwan! -M