June 03, 2010

Bangladesh: Facebook Ban Update

We have got updates about the Bangladesh Facebook ban.

The news is not just hilarious but it portrays people of what caliber are deciding what should be censored. From The Daily Star:

The government submitted an appeal to the Facebook authority using its automatic 'abuse reporting' tool to remove the offensive contents from its site.

After a discussion with 26 information technology (IT) experts, BTRC officials yesterday signed in the social networking site for a while and submitted the appeal.

The government blocked access to Facebook on Saturday after satiric images of political leaders were posted on the site. Part of the reason was the uploading of anti-Islamic content about Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SM).

I wonder what are those pages - some say it may be something detrimental to the political image of the government - some say its the satirical image of the prime minister - its hard to tell - probably it can be as dumb as summoning 26 IT experts to learn about a 'abuse reporting' button.

Meanwhile they can see how US politicians are caricatured.


  1. In a 30 something years old country ruled by 50/60 something years old people, a mere caricaturist gets imprisoned. This is like Orwell's 1984.