September 19, 2010

An example of citizen media

In Bangladesh citizen media is yet to flourish. Now in the age of audio and video technology in our hand (cellphone, digital camera etc) we should be seeing more instances like this video depicting the anomalies in our societies and systems:

[In this video: a student is being tortured by a teacher of Notre Dame College in a very uncivilized way.)

And the job of citizen journalists are not to create sensations or make judgment on any piece of evidence. It is the job of the media and the society to take the issues forward and resolve the problems the citizen journalists expose. I wish I could see any Bangladeshi media investigating this incident and make a full report of it.


  1. I have high appreciation and respect for our young generation, and what I saw here is unbelievable. Why no news paper speaks about it ? Are they blind? or dumb?

  2. Such, and even more violent scenes are everyday events in all schools and some colleges across the country.

    Thanks for posting up. At least something has come out.


  3. Mokhtar was my teacher at Notre Dame. This man is a scoundrel. This man deserves to be fired and put behind bars. 

  4. i was a student of NDC 20 yrs ago. Mokhtar used to teach us Bengali...but he was popular at that time....

    if i were the student...i would hit back.