March 05, 2011

Bangladeshis say sorry to the West Indies Cricket Team.

Friday was a dark day for Bangladesh cricket. Not only Bangladesh succumbed to West Indies feebly, one incident took away all the hospitality Bangladesh has been providing to their "guests". The West Indies team bus was stoned on their way towards the hotel.

Many Bangladeshis were outraged by this despicable act. One of my Facebook friends commented - 'wrong bus, you morons'. Immediately I saw petiotions, Facebook pages coming up. A notable event was announced which was titled Lets say sorry to our guests.

(Image courtesy Facebook user)

Today these internet activists gathered in front of Hotel Sheraton, where the West Indies cricket team is residing. Prothom Alo has the detailed report. However, it will not make everyone forget the gravity of the offense by a few perpetrators.

The actions have been swift from the police. As per police and RAB detained 38 persons from that area and a case has been filed against them. And this is one interesting revelation:

It turned out the angry fans attacked the bus assuming it contained Bangladesh players, not the West Indies.

Surely the team buses cannot be distinguished from far - but still the attack on Bangladesh team was also cowardice. I hope people come to their senses and uphold Bangladesh's age old hospitable character. Bangladeshis want to forget that day and wish that it never repeats again.


  1. Sorry to Bangladeshi & West indies  Cricket Team. We always with you. Go ahead.

  2. SORRY, sorry, SoRry, sOrRy, SOrrY, soRRy, We are really sorry........

  3. I'd like those fans to go and have their eyes tested, if they don't know the difference between West Indian players and their own.