July 16, 2011

The Shift In Music Trends

The music industry is changing rapidly because of the advent of technological innovation and online streaming outlets. Here is an interesting graph showing the shift in music trends in the past decades:

(Via Andrew Sullivan)

And you know what the current fad is? R&B Club Music.
"In the aughts (Authors Note: The decade from 2000 to 2009), there was still a one-in- four chance that any given week’s chart-topper came from one of four artists. But those artists were Usher, Beyoncé, the Black Eyed Peas, and Nelly, and their hits were pointed at a very different kind of public environment: They were club songs. ... “The club” might be the last remaining space where strangers are all forced to pay attention to the same songs. And whether it’s an actual club or just a bedroom, it tends to be a space where people enjoy feeling fabulous." - Nitsuh Abebe

And here is a prediction about Digital Music Trends in 2011.


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