June 09, 2012

Bangladesh: An Online Work Success Story

Please read Matt Cooper's blog about how Bangladeshi freelancers have leaped forward to bag 10% of freelance work from ODesk , making Bangladesh the #3 country for contractors, behind only the Philippines and India.

His verdict:

1) Bangladesh has a young, educated workforce that is eager for more economic opportunity. 2) Bangladesh is densely populated, so things spread quickly. 3) There’s a huge financial upside to working online — for both individuals and the country’s overall economy — compared to local opportunities. Matt concludes with: "Success is what happens when 1) you are in the right place at the right time, 2) you’re smart enough to recognize the opportunity in front of you, and 3) skilled enough to execute on the opportunity. Watching the professionals in Bangladesh pull these three things together and hearing their personal stories has been an extraordinary experience."


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