May 20, 2013

Bangladesh Diaries

MAZ- the Swiss School of Journalism is the leading Swiss educational institution for journalism. Located in Luzern, Switzerland, it was founded in November 1983. In the past ten years this institute has sent professionals and young journalism students to Bangladesh for training. Most of these students interned with the Daily Star in Dhaka.

Here are their diaries on their experiences in Bangladesh in German language (You can use Google translate to read)

  • 2013: Anja Burri
  • 2012: Fabian von Allmen
  • 2011: Andrée Stössel
  • 2010: Andrew Jones
  • 2009: Coralie Wenger
  • 2008: Dieter Bachmann
  • 2007: Thomas Müller
  • 2006: Miriam Künzli
  • 2005: Barnaby Skinner
  • 2004: Christine Wanner


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