November 22, 2013

Google Translation bot in Bangla

Today I met him. He was blinking in my Google chat list. I became very curious and googled the email address Then I found out that its a bot, translation bot to be precise.

Google launched its first translation bots back in 2007. More than 20 languages had a translation bot by 2008. I don't know when they launhced the Bangla bot. But there is another similar bot (eng2ban@appspot.comavailable.

Here is a glimpse of the Bangla bot I encountered. According to Google:

Translation Bots will translate your messages from one language to another. These bots are named using two-letter language abbreviations formated as '[from language]2[to,' and all available combinations are listed in the table below. For example, if you send 'Hello' to (English to Spanish), it will respond with 'Hola.'
You can see from the screenshot that the quality of translation is still catching up. So you can't rely on it fully.


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