October 03, 2003


1. The wall of Apartheid

Ryan of Beatniksalad blog is vocal against the Israel's wall-building plans for the sake of "security". "the Wall will confiscate 45-55 percent of the West Bank and it conveniently incorporates into Israel 91 percent of all West Bank settlements and 98 percent of all settlers" - says the organization American Muslims for Jerusalem. Ryan argues "It should not be allowed to happen". Read rest here.

2. The four-pillars for emerging Iraqi gov't

Rajan writes about Ahmad Chalabi's (member of the Governing Council of Iraq installed by the Coalition Provisional Authority) proposed four-pillar ruling system of a to-be Iraqi government.

The pillars are:

1. Separation of powers

2. Accountablity and elections

3. Transperancy and press freedom

4. Federalism and protection of minorities

Rajan writes his views on those four points here.

3. Hot downloads

Sassan, the 15 year old computer genius has some more interesting links and news.

Latest pick:

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