October 04, 2003


Another black cloud is hovering on the sky of Bangladesh Politics. Bangladesh is hosting the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) conference to be held during October 4-12, while the main opposition Awami League (AL) is still firm on boycott of the event. The AL decided not to join the conference in protest at what it said was the government's (Ruling Party BNP and coalition)arrogant attitude toward the opposition in preparing for the event of the largest platform of lawmakers. The conference to be joined by 522 delegates from 154 parliaments in 48 countries. The highest number of delegates -- 174 from 34 parliaments -- will come from India. - Reports The Daily Star.

The CPA officials requested the main opposition party AL to join the conference. But they turned down the request. Political acrimony (a hostile relationship between two persons or parties. Hatred, ire, anger, malignity) has paralyzed the democracy in Bangladesh. AL has so far boycotted several Parliament sessions blaming ruling party BNP and its alliances (The rightwing Islamists) non-cooperative attitude and misdeeds.

But my point is that in a democratic system an opposition party's fight would be in the parliament. If they do not want to go there, it will create anarchy and will provoke another army general to make a coup. And in the end common people, the voters will suffer.

Another strange thing is that these elected opposition parties members of parliaments get their remuneration and allowances/privileges from the govt. If they want to really declare a war against the govt. and ruling party by not going to parliament they should prove themselves by declining their remunerations and privileges because they cannot do just anything while taking tax payer's money.

I am so shocked.


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