June 09, 2004

G8 Summit - the annual festivity of hypocracy

I have came across an interesting article of Fraser Nelson published in "The Scotsman". He slates the ineffectiveness of the G8 summit which has become a worthless annual gathering.

Fraser says:

Every year, the same formula applies. World leaders are invited from what are supposed to be the world's richest countries and declare they will end world poverty or hunger. They then make pledges which almost none of themhonorr.

Having dealt with hunger and disease last year, the G8 leaders now want to introduce democracy to the Middle East. Laughably, this will be done by means of a communique to be spat out of their luxury hotel at some point. The G8 has gone beyond being useless. It is now rubbing the faces of the poor in the wealth of their rivals and exacerbating the very international tensions which it sets out to relieve.

And the sheer truth:

the world's poverty problem is mainly due to unequal distribution of capitalism. China and India are not growing rich because the G8 has given them money. They have set up a market economy: their people are doing the rest. This - not handouts - is the route to prosperity.

World poverty is, right now, being reduced at the fastest rate in history, and its is because of globalization. Buying cheap imports - kid's toys from China to shirts from Bangladesh - is spreading the wealth of the West faster than any aid programme ever invented. World poverty has fallen more in the last 30 years than it has in the last 300.

So I think this summit should concentrate more on letting the market economy wagon wheels in the 3rd world countries rolling without any disturbance. Aids with condition is never a solution for tackling poverty. There is no need for this kind of help:

In the last meet, African leaders, who came asking for help tackling AIDS, were instead given a five-course meal and sent home with a communique. This shameful event encapsulates why the G8 must now be abolished.


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