June 09, 2004

Why the journalists have to be assaulted by Police?

It seems that the sense of discipline is all time low in the police force and among the political leaders. Instead of directives by the Prime Minister, the police department fails to ensure security of public lives. They could not apprehend the notorious extremist communal leader Bangla Bhai (named during his training in Afghanistan) thanks to influence of certain quarters, to whom Prime ministers order is negligible. The police have made the image of the ruling party worse by beating journalists and political activists time and time. The police department should know that by assaulting journalists, they are damaging all the achievements. They are humiliating the government, encouraging oppositions to exploit more such failure of government and making a bad image for the country. And why to blame them totally? They are busy with more important things than curbing crimes.

The journalists on the other hand are also urged to highlight national achievements in the media. Janet Steele, media critic and Associate Professor of Media and Public Affairs, George Washington University recently visited Bangladesh and told about Bangladesh media:
"The reporters here are polarised along party lines. Often they will tell you something in private, but not in public forum. There are concerns from ruling party that by having open discussions on the problems might tarnish the image of Bangladesh. Looking in the dark side of the society is somehow damaging the national image. But it's the journalists' job to shine the light of publicity in that dark corner. That's how you will get a better future, build a better nation."


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