September 06, 2005


From Mac's blog (Bangladeshi rockstar cum blogger) I have found the link to Anik's blog. Anik Khan is a poet and the ex associate editor of the Bengali satirical cartoon magazine Unmad. He is a guy full of life and ecstasy and lives in Australia now. I am particularly impressed by his quotes from Bengali songs and poems in almost every post. In his words:
shala’r gaan r kobita e amake khailo!
We Bengalis have a rich culture of prose, poetry and music. I often don't quote them in original in my blog keeping in mind about the international readers. I have tried to translate a few a couple of times. But Anik has broken this barrier by writing his posts entirely in Bengali but in English scripts (he use MSN spaces). And he writes well.

Special mention is Anik's reaction to the 17/8 bombings and one of his poems. An excerpt (translated by me):

Bombs exploding everywhere
Killing Muslims in the name of God
They are claiming
That’s written in Allah’s words
The insignificant humans are shaking
Mighty Allah’s base
With bombs the Mujahideen are trying
That to save

What can I tell
I die from laughing
Even God is not well
In our great country.

Anik's is a good read for the Bengali speakers.


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