September 07, 2005


David Montero of The Christian Science Monitor has written an interesting article titled as above. As I have written earlier he also thinks that foreign funding and bitter politics may have played a role in the recent bombings. The ruling party is only short to admit the foreign involvement and the rise of Islamic extremism in public as they fear to lose the backing of the rightwing Islami party vote bank. This apprehension is deterring the police to take hard line measures against the extremists. No wonder how the extremists have found room to flourish.

The accused JMB is active since 1998 with 10,000 trained full-time operatives, and 100,000 part-time activists, funded with a payroll of more than $10,000 a month (hefty amount in Bangladeshi standard) with the aim of funding an Islamic state. Now wherefrom are the money coming? The trail traces back to Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Pakistan.

Read the whole article.

Meanwhile there are fresh alerts of Bomb attacks raised. People are wondering what the extremists next mathemetical precision targets will be.


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