October 31, 2005


We are quick to point fingers at all that puts Bangladesh on the map as a developing nation –poverty, floods, traffic jams etc. It’s time we appreciated the many perks it has to offer. – Samai Haider, Ice Today
The lifestyle magazine 'Ice Today' brings out a feature called the best of Bangladesh in their October issue. This is a must read for those who are interested in all the positive sides of Bangladesh.

Here is a list of the Ice Today picks of the Bangladesh bests.

* Bay of Bengal – Best Whale spotting
* Guide Tours – Best tour operator
* Sunderbans – The best encounter with the wild
* Pahela Baishakh –Best festival
* Srimongol, Sylhet – Best cup of tea
* Jamuna Bridge –Best play of lights
* St. Martins Islands –Best games of beach volleyball
* Bangabazar, Dhaka –Best bargain
* Belkuchi, Shirajgonj –Best Sari Shopping
* Banderban –Best place to meet tribal people
* Panthapah, Dhaka –best shopping at a stop light.

In the first part I am posting excerpts of the first four.

Bay of Bengal – Best Whale spotting

While Dolphins are abundant in the water surrounding Khulna, whales are much harder to come across. A fishing village at the mouth of river poshur, called dublar char is the starting point of the quest to find the giants of the sea. About forty kilometers into the sea, generally in the winter when the sea is calm, the whales can be spotted. The two species – the Bryd’s whale and the Fin Whale (second largest whale on earth) and different types of dolphins are seen in these waters.

Guide Tours – Best tour operator

They are renowned for arranging the best trips to Sundarbans and have a fleet of four magnificent steamers that are engaged in river cruises and excursions to forests. They also have a picturesque garden resort in the hills of Bandarban and arrange forays to the Saint Martin’s islands. The guide tours also manage many day trips in and around Dhaka city. Their motto is eco-tourism.

Sunderbans – The best encounter with the wild

Habitat of the fames Royal Bengal tiger, the Sundarbans forest is the pride of Bangladesh. It’s the biggest unbroken system of mangrove forests in the world, and is at the brink of the Bay of Bengal. Narrow creeks and shallow rivers crisscross the virgin forests. It is an animal lovers paradise. You can spot animals like the Royal Bengal Tigers (or pug prints), exotic birds, deer, wild boar, dolphin, crocodiles, ring lizard and jelly fish. Sundarbans is best visited with a tour operator.

Pahela Baishakh –Best festival

The first day of the Bengali new year, Pahela Baishakh is celebrated by the entire nation—age is no bar, and class and creed irrelevant. As the day dawns, people greet the new year with songs and dances, and there are specifics such as Ramna Batamul, fairs and parades that have come to be associated with Pahela Baishakh. The mood is festive as the entire community take to the streets in celebration. Flowers and fairs, Panta and Ilish, Saris & Panjabis are all big part of the age-old traditon of celebrating Bengali New Year.


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