October 27, 2005


The Bangladesh security forces are caught up in the three way strangle-hold. Firstly, they are very busy catching the extremists, who were behind the August 17 bombings. Secondly they have the duty to keep the law and order situation well in the busy month before the Eid festival. Thirdly the SAARC summit is impending within a fortnight.

So far more than 500 extremists have been captured and more are already caught in the web, only to be put behind bars. But in recent time the govt. has instructed the security forces (police/RAB) not to spent much time on the extremists rather concentrate on SAARC summit security. But these are not mutually exclusive.

No wonder they have become an enemy of the extremists as they dared to threaten them. The report says:

A letter, signed by a self-proclaimed Jamaatul leader, Moulana Hafizuddin, threatened to "blow up all of Bangladesh's police stations" if their demand for Islami rule was ignored.

Only recently they threatened the judges. This is really a comical situation as the government is seen helpless in tackling them. I have wrote about this looming threat before.

It is of our great concern that the masterminds of the bomb attack are still eluding police. There are scary rumours everywhere:

"A high police official in northern part of the country said neither Abdur Rahman nor Bangla Bhai could be arrested until and unless the ministers and BNP lawmakers stopped backing them. 'There is a strong lobby in the government that always stand against action against the leaders and activists of Islamic organizations,'"

The opposition Awami league claims below may be a bit exaggerated but cannot be ruled out:

"As the Jamaat is the mother organisation of some 58 militant outfits in Bangladesh, the government remained mum on their deadly terrorist activities without nabbing their supremos and bringing charges of sedition against them for jeopardising Bangladesh’s independence, sovereignty and its very existence."

Until you are committed enough to kill or destabilize the serpent, you cannot save the people no matter how strong the iron cage of protection is.


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