January 13, 2006


When you shift the responsibility to others everytime, these things are going to repeat again and again. A couple of years ago it was Gods will, this year the blame is on the unruly pilgrims.

* In 2004 251 people died.

* In 2006 at least 345 people died.

* 2007 -??

(In graphics: Hajj stampede - BBC)

Sohel is outraged:
"Cast the dead, stone the poor and the 'devil, they won't be talking back to you. How convenient!

And let's not forget that interesting 'fatwa' given by strict Saudi Wahabist, stone the 'devil' in mid-day, rush to Al-Jamarat in dying frenzy. Who would stone that 'fatwa'? Who would stone that 'devil'?"
I raised some questions after the 2004 stampede incident. How many lives will it take to make the Saudi authorities do something about it? How will they be able to manage the growing number of pilgrims in the coming years? They cannot just shift the responsibility saying that every mismanagement or disaster is Gods will, or pilgrims own fault. Its time the Muslim socities demand accountability from the Saudi authorities.

* Debates on going to Hajj multiple times.
* Saudi blogger Alhamedi proposes some solutions to the problem.


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