January 22, 2006


I am sure many international readers have picked the news that hundreds were killed in the recent cold wave in Bangladesh. Have they wondered actually how cold was it and why so many people died?

Dutch expat Herma clears some of the misconceptions:

A cold wave has hit Bangladesh. I can see how you raise your eyebrows. "Cold, what do you mean? Ten degrees? That is a normal summer night in our country!"

In Bangladesh however, this is a little different. As none of the houses have a heating, when it is ten degrees, it is ten degrees everywhere. In the street, but also in your living room. Imagine putting your thermostat at ten, which would be no luxury at all. Most of the people have no winter clothes or blankets, and a lot of people died, especially new born babies.
It must be noted that no rich people died. Actually cold waves did not kill but poverty did.


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