February 12, 2006


Have you ever wondered why the Islamic parties in Bangladesh arrange their protests usually after Jum'a prayers in Friday? Well, you will be able to guess after I tell you about my recent experience.

Last Friday I went to Kataban 'Masjid Mission' mosque to pray. In the khutba (sermon) the Imam tried to give all kinds of logics to establish that the Shia practices of mourning for Hossain & Hassan is not Islamic. No doubt we can understand the reason behind some recent Muslim sectarian feuds & violences in Pakistan.

Then came the announcement that Jamaat Member of Parliament and the 'Masjid Mission' chairman Delwar Hossain Saidee will lead a procession towards Danish Embassy to protest the cartoons published in a Danish newspaper. The Imam announced that after ending the 2 Rakaat wazib Jum'a prayer, the worshippers in the mosque should join the procession immediately. He suggested that the remaining Sunnat prayers can be performed later at home or in mosque as the protests are Fard (compulsory). One by-stander grudged why should such a protest be recommended as obligatory as this is a personal matter.

As soon as the Salat ended I came down to the street and found that Mr. Saidee already was in the street adressing to the worshipers coming out of the Mosque with loudspeakers. The place quickly turned into a political gathering with TV cameras and police protection. Among many outrageous comments by Saidee in a short time I have heard some slanting remarks against the opposition leader Sheikh Hasina. He said as the opposition leader has not yet protested the Danish cartoon it can be disputed whether she is Muslim or not. Like many I was really happy to get out of that place quickly.

One thing I noticed that Saidee instructed people not to use violence in the procession. As far I know there was no violence in Bangladesh during the protests.

See the power of political Islam! It all depends how the politicians want it.

Hizbut-Tahrir will stage another protest recently. Guess the day!


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