February 14, 2006


This year spring came unnoticed in my life. Probably because of the freaking weather as winter has vanished a couple of weeks ago. I could only realize that yesterday was the 1st of Falgun (beginning of the spring) after seeing women clad in yellow in the streets. There is a tradition in Bangladesh that womens wear yellow on that day. Not everybody follows it but you can easily notice the dominant presence of yellow amongst the usual color composition of dresses in the streets.

Julie of Human Flower Project has posted a nice article about Bangladesh's spring festivities (Basanta Utsabs). The main attraction was a whole day cultural event celebrating 1st day of spring in the Graphics Arts (Charukala) Institute of Dhaka University which was telecast live for the first time by a new private satellite channel, Baishakhi TV. And the crowd presence was phenomenal there and also in the Bangla Academy Ekushey Book Fair nearby.

Julie writes:
"Basanta Utsab, as well as seasonal, is a cultural pushback, an affirmation of Bangla history and customs as not only spring but Western styles and habits advance."

...is not merely a cultural programme, involving music, dance or performing arts; it is rather an effort to introduce the Bangali culture to the new generation."
Please read the whole article.

Amongst these festivities we can find our springs.


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