February 06, 2007

A silent revolution by the people of Bangladesh!

The above phrase is the highlight of a mass mail going round in the mail boxes of Bangladeshis (via Drishtipat). Although some people are questioning the legitimacy of the mass arrests and the arrest of big fishes without charge sheet people in general are happy with the Caretaker Government's performance. This lists the visible achievements of the CTG so far. The mail even says "this team of people is by far the most dedicated team who is really making a difference in Bangladesh" and even goes beyond asking for consent to have a referendum to make the CTG stay for four years to help them clean the house.

The email asks for support and invites all to be a part of this silent revolution by the people. Even the press is also cheering up the cleansing process.

This clearly shows that the people are fade up with the corruption in Bangladesh politics and desperately wants a change.

But let us not be overwhelmed by the gimmicks. Will the security forces be able to really punish the big fishes with concrete evidence. Will they be able to refrain them from coming out clean and indulge in creating more nuisances? Or are they really punishing some innocents?

Shamshir writes in Adda-fication that a short term fix may not be effective as it might actually allow the underlying causes to fester and increase in severity, and may be lead to really bad problems in the long-run that could have been avoided if short-term fixes were declined.

He skillfully concludes:

If the State of Emergency government is serious about rooting out corruption, then changing the rules of the game might be in order: Resort to due process. Resort to transparency. Realign the frame of reference to the rule of law instead of the arbitrary unchecked power of a few good (or is it appear to be good?) men.

I think besides being euphoric we need to move from a point of view to a viewing point -- a higher, more expansive place, from which we can see both sides.


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