February 03, 2007

Giasuddin Al-Mamun nabbed

The abovementioned business tycoon of Bangladesh has a tendency of catching a lot of media attention. Last June Asia Tribune published an article on him saying:

"Gias Uddin Al-Mamun, is one of the hated names in Bangladesh, who, just because of being Tareq Rahman’s friend, became one of the richest men in the country from extreme poverty status."
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He dismissed the allegation as an international conspiracy against him:

After the recent state of emergency he was arrested and then later released. He then managed to get a court ruling from a controversial judge that the government should not arrest him or harass him and allegedly went into hiding in India immediately.

However he came back to Dhaka and in a dramatic raid the security forces nabbed him on Wednesday. Bangladesh News has details on this and the rise of Mamun:

"Mamun came to limelight for his involvement in all election related activities–controlled from Hawa Bhaban–prior to and during the 2001 general elections.

Mamun’s quick rise as a business tycoon through establishing businesses one after another during the five years of the immediate past BNP-led government’s rule surprised many businessmen and politicians.

In that short span of time he set up businesses of textiles, launches, electric pole manufacturing, and a private satellite television channel. Besides owning One Textile, Khamba Ltd, One Composite, Precrust Concrete Industries Ltd, One Spinning, One Denim, One Consumer Product Ltd, and Channel One, Mamun is also the director of Silver Line Composite Mill and Rahman Navigation.

Of his businesses, electric pole manufacturing Khamba Ltd became the most talked about one in recent times. Mamun’s syndicate reportedly earned thousands of crores of taka by selling concrete electric poles to the Rural Electrification Board"
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It remains to be seen as what charges are brought against him. Some leaders inside BNP are reportedly happy about this. He surely must have pissed a lot of people.


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