October 12, 2007

Don't loath scraps

(Picture Courtesy Reuters/Rafiqur Rahman)

iRobo is a Bangladeshi scrapbot developed by Feroz Ahmed Siddiky of the International Islamic University in Chittagong. People will be able to buy it for less than $1,000 someday the developer hopes. Reuters reports:
"IRobo" responds to voice commands, has spatial intelligence and is cheap because it's made from scrap materials he's collected from electronic shops and car mechanics.

He said he is currently discussing commercial production of the robot with an Australian software firm.
This report was picked up by Engadget, one of the most popular Tech blogs. The comment section started an interesting discussion where people discussed the mundane choices of stroies of Engadget and why should a graduate from an Islamic University create a Robot without developing a bomb to blow up somewhere. A commenter presumable a Bangladeshi has an excellent rebuttal:
"I mean, people, get a life! This guy made this robot without any help from any other high tech company. He made it from the scraps. But when he would have the support from the australian company do you think they will still use the motorbike scraps? They are buying the idea and his genius. I hope he succeds. You are just jelous cause even though you have so much resources here in north america, you can't notice by creating something like this kid in a third world country like Bangladesh."


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