October 04, 2007

Why cartoon published in Bangladesh leads to death of Christians in Nigeria?

Good question. Because quarters like Hizbut Tahrir tries to keep this issue alive with protests in London apparently to amplify their demands like estabishing SHaria rule and Khilafat. They are even extending their outrage against the newspaper Prothom Alo by arranging prevention committees in every locality.

Meanwhile in Nigeria in a recent incident in a racial skirmish between Muslims and Christians nine Christians have been killed and many churches attacked (reports All Africa.com).
The Christian Association of Nigeria's national secretary, Mr. Samuel Salifu said that an internet cartoon emanating from a 20-year-old Muslim boy from Bangladesh had apparently sparked off the crisis.

Salifu said, "Information available to me is that almost all the churches within that local government area have been razed down and shops belonging to Christians have been razed down and in houses where they dwelled in, we have been told that they have been ejected and their property brought out and burnt."
This commentary is a bit harsh against Muslims. But we will see more of those coming because of these opportunists who are destroying the image of Islam.


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