November 26, 2007

Taslima again

Taslima Nasrin is again in media spotlight because fundamentalists in India are demanding India to expel her. The Bangladeshi writer is in exile since 1994, when fundamentalists issued a fatwa against her for the allegedly blasphemous first novel Lajja. Read some interesting commentaries on the latest controversy:

* The sword and the monk’ s cowl

* Taslima Nasreen: The Daughter of Eternal Bangladesh on the run in India- But Why?

* How Taslima Nasreen knocked Mossamat Akhera Bibi off the headlines?

* Taslima Nasrin, the outcast.

* Bangladesh writer wins ally in hardline Hindu leader.

*Renowned Theatre activist Aly Zaker said:
I don't know Hyederabad in the Andhra Pradesh and its muslims who drove her out of that city, but I have some experience of knowing the mindset of the majority of muslim inhabitants of the city of Calcutta (now known as Kolkata) during our war of liberation in 1971. Most of them not only refrained from supporting us they were most annoyed with us for breaking Pakistan. To give vent to their anger and frustration they even did not hesitate to physically torture fellow muslims from Bangladesh who took refuge in Kolkata.


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