November 12, 2007

Trigger happy border security force of India

While Indian BSF Jawans gift sweets to Pakistani rangers some of their colleagues are shooting down Bangladeshi cattle traders.

The Bangladesh media reported quoting BDR (their Bangladesh counterpart) sources that the Indian border guards of Jhaudanga camp opened fire on some cattle traders while they were returning home from India in the morning, killing Saheb Ali on the spot.

The Indian media however defended BSF:
BSF personnel last night spotted a group of Bangladeshi intruders cutting barbed wire fencing to sneak into the Indian territory. When challenged by border guards, they attacked the BSF men with sharp weapons, forcing BSF to open fire.
While one Bangladeshi, who had already entered into Indian side got killed, other members of the group managed to flee, police said.

Police suspected that the deceased might be a prisoner as his left hand was tied with a chain and lock.
Notice some irrelevancies? Will people dare to use knife against soldiers at a border post with automatic weapons? And they have managed to only shoot down a handcuffed unarmed man?

This is because the BSF has taken policy of shoot at site. Indian media confirms that BSF has killed 47 Bangladeshis in 2007 while Bangladeshis claim its 97. Talking about Human rights this is premeditated murder and all done to pressurize Bangladesh.

Asif at Dhaka Shohor slates BSF chief A.K. Mitra's claim that the human rights group Adhikar (who is vocal against BSF atrocities) "has emerged as an anti-Indian set-up which is run by former Bangladeshi military men. I admit there are incidents of firing at the border but all these allegations of Adhikar are not true."
Then one has to ask: why Odhikar is busy investigating human rights abuses by "Bangladeshi military men"? Now I don't know the background of the people in charge of Odhikar, but one simply has to ask this: has Odhikar shown the Bangladeshi military any favours? Given that they have investigated the Cholesh Ritchil case when almost no one else did, the answer is resoundingly "No!". I don't think A.K. Mitra is listening.
We have tried to search the truth years earlier but the truth seems fuzzy at the moment.


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