May 16, 2008

Cashing in during load shedding

Engineered rolling blackouts or load sheddings is a way to manage short supply of electricity. Bangladesh is reeling under it.

But it also has a flip side.

Creating the Longest Marketing Idea Chain in the World suggests:
Traditionally, we are not big in board games. Let alone the likes of Monopoly, we haven't even developed a proper branded game that can help us pass some quality time with friends and loved ones. Ludu has always been the favorite one, but lost its flavor among the urban audience.

Thats why any new local board game brand can now move in and position themselves as the perfect pass time solution during load shedding. Reading books is out, watching TV is out of the question, IPS is expensive, going out is risky. What remains is spending 1 hour of quality close time with your family members playing any local board game. Good solution for a not so great problem - what to do during a load shedding?


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