May 10, 2008


Tons of food aids of WFP are waiting in Bangladesh to be flown to Burma for the Cyclone Nargis victims. Red tapes in visas from Burmese embassy are slowing the process of flying them to Burma.

Finally a plane carrying the UN relief was flown to Burma. Bangladesh Military had earlier sent two planes containing potatoes, biscuits to Burma.

Today we hear another low from the Burmese military rulers:
Burma's junta seized U.N. aid shipments Friday meant for a multitude of hungry and homeless survivors of last week's devastating cyclone, forcing the world body to suspend further help. The aid included 38 tons of high-energy biscuits and arrived in Burma on Friday on two flights from Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates.

"All of the food aid and equipment that we managed to get in has been confiscated," U.N. World Food Program spokesman Risley said.

"For the time being, we have no choice but to end further efforts to bring critical needed food aid into Myanmar at this time," he said.
It seems they want to take the credit instead:
Myanmar’s government acknowledged taking control of the shipments and said it plans to distribute the aid itself to the affected areas.

In a statement e-mailed to The Associated Press, government spokesman Ye Htut said the junta had clearly stated what it would do and denied the action amounted to a seizure.

In a statement in the official media after Myanmar turned back a team of Qatari rescue workers coming in on an aid flight this week, the foreign ministry said Myanmar would accept ”relief in cash and kind” but not foreign aid workers.

Myanmar says it will accept aid from all countries, but prohibits the entry of foreign workers who would deliver and manage the operations. The junta is “not ready” to change that position.


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