January 25, 2009

Images from Dhaka

"We are all well because Bangla Link 'Desh' is there." Mobile service providers and their competition dominate Bangladesh. Mobile phones are used all over, by all income classes. The call rates and connection charges are all time low (Even it was a few times more in just 3 years ago).

Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF)-2009 has always been a crowd accumulator.

I have read about the killer smogs in many Asian countries. Each morning numerous flights and boat journeys are being postponed in Dhaka and across Bangladesh because of the smog. The smog is visible when you look at the city from an elevated space. You can barely see the sun in the day time.

People call it a concrete jungle and its a typical megacity.

Dhaka has become a city of malls. Basundhara shopping complex at Panthapath is Dhaka's showcase.


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