January 30, 2009

Trial Of War Criminals

The mass opinion of Bangladesh has tilted towards the trial of War Criminals of 1971 liberation war. People from all walks of life have raised their voices with petitions, signature campaigns, pasting stickers in public places etc. to pressurize the government to make this possible.

It was an election promise of the Awami League government and the Bangladesh parliament has approved a resolution seeking speedy prosecution of the country's 1971 war criminals. Bangladesh has sought United Nations' assistance for trial of the war criminals, many of whom were rehabilitated in Bangladesh's politics taking the advantage of a state of impunity over the last three decades.

Adding to that the government has imposed travel restrictions on people suspected of war crimes.

It seems sensing their defeat the Islamist political party Jamaat-e-Islami has been planning their defense:
"The top leadership of Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI), the country’s largest Islamist party which is accused of killing unarmed civilians then, is planning an “apology” for its “political stance” of opposing the freedom movement.

But it will not acknowledge or apologise for the role of many of its leaders and its youth front cadres who engaged in the killings.

War records show JeI formed the Razakars and Al-Badr forces to counter the freedom fighters. The then secretary general of JeI Moulana Abul Kalam Mohammad Yousuf established the Razakars and Al-Badr with Islami Chhatra Shangha members."
Jamaat has never been apologetic about its opposition to the freedom movement. So they are finally coming to the reality and the truth is coming out. I think the younger Jamaat leaders can save their face by kicking their accused top leaders and let an UN led impartial trial of War Criminals happen. Justice must prevail.

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Stickers courtesy: Sachalayatan


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